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Caste Riots In India

India has been plauged ofr centuries over the issue of its complex hierarchy of castes and jobs and positions in society. Thousands of members of the Gujjar tribe demonstrated in the streets of Dehli demanding that their classification be changed to a lower rung in the hierarchy in order to improve opportunities for education and jobs. Police fired tear gas at demonstrators who vowed to continue their fight until their demands were met. In the complex divisive system the Gujjars are clasified as belonging to the country’s second lowest group known as Other Backward Classes. They want to be classified as belonging to the lowest caste who are the Dalits or commonly referred to as the Untouchables.

The Gujjars sawy they have faced discrimination in jobs, health care, and education, but if they were reclassified to being an Untouchable they would be eligible for government positions and unversity places that are reserved for that group. The Indian government reserves about half of all sets in State colleges and unijversities for lower castes and tribal groups to make up for centuries of prejudice.

The complex world of the Indian Caste system makes American racial divisions come across as much easier to resolve.