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Did Georgia-US Plans Go Astray?

Stefan Korshak, former staff member of the Kyiv Post, who is covering the war in Georgia found the debris of a defeated Georgian army littering the landscape. He, like others, is baffled by the logic of the Georgian government that “seemingly drove Georgia into a full-fledged war against its giant neighbor, Russia..The geopolitical idea, for the Georgian government and its foreign friends, was the the former Soviet republic would build a high-quality professional military along NATO lines, and trained by US trainers to US standards.” The reality, according to Korshak, was utter defeat and Georgian troops did not even defend the city of Gori which now has Russian troops inside it.

Korshak believes the plan was to overwhelm the region with a concentration of US schooled infantry backed up by bombardments delivered by NATO standard Czech manufactured heavy artillery. As he drove down the road, Korshak saw five of these hulking self propelled expensive howitzers abandoned on the road to Gori. From what he saw, it was clear the Georgian troops were inept or lacked leadership and never accomplished their goals. A detachment of 588 Russian infantrymen who were stationed in South Ossetia as peacekeepers held off the Georgians until large numbers of Russian troops could arrive.

Georgian troops told Korshak they lacked equipment to deal with Russian jets. The Georgians appeared to believe they would wipe out a technologically inferior South Ossetian army and move freely to take over the area. The retreat from Goriwas chaotic according to Korshak as soldiers fled in the nearest truck and inexperienced drivers drove many vehicles into ditches. Korshak did not see a single checkpoint, nor a guard post not even a soldier ready to fight on the road to the capital city.

The Russians are violating the ceasefire agreement but when they entered Gori there was not a single Georgian soldier there to greet them or to offer any opposition.

Once again, George Bush encouraged an invasion by an army lacking the necessary personnel or equipment to win. The entire operation is something out of a comic opera.