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Kurdish Rebels Switch From Mountains To Cities

The Kurdistan Workers Party rebellion against Turkey is witnessing a switch in tactics from fighting in the mountains of Iraq to instigating terrorist attacks in Turkish cities. The Kurdish rebels apparently are reeling from massive military attacks on their positions and reconstituting the nature of their rebellion by seeking more favorable targets in urban areas. Last week’s bombing in the province of Diyarbakir and to torching of cars in several cities including Ankara is an indication that their rebellion is assuming a new approach. According to retired General Rulogu, the Kurds have decided it is too dangerous continuing fighting in the mountains and have decided to launch “attacks in big cities in order to prove that it still has the capacity and power to challenge Turkey…They want to create panic” in the cities of Turkey.

There have been numerous reports that Kurdish rebels want an unconditional pardon for past actions from Turkey, but the government, as of this point, is only willing to pardon those who did not fight against the Turkish army. If rebels are willing to end fighting, it pays to grant pardons to all who participated. The choice is peace or continued violence. Why would those who have engaged in terrorism surrender if they know that means death or imprisonment?