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Syria Threatens Retaliation Against USA

The Syrian government reacted with fury to the American attack inside its borders which resulted in the death of several people. American military sources insist the raid was necessary in order to kill key leaders of militants who were behind the movement of al-Qaida forces through Syria. Damascus denounced the act as “criminal and terrorist aggression” and warned there would be retaliation against the Americans. The first step to implement Syrian threats was closing of an American cultural center and the American school in the capital. The American military refuses to back down from its claims they killed important al-Qaida leaders, but Syria insists civilians were killed in the raid including several children.

The daylight raid made impossible any denial on the part of Americans they could not see who they were blasting. Syria, in particular, was furious the raid came from Iraq territory and it will be interesting to see how the Iraq government responds to Syrian charges concerning utilization of its territory for staging of attacks on Syria.

Egypt and China joined in Syrian anger at the attack. Lost in discussion of this even is the fact that Turkey has been trying for months to organize an Israel-Syrian peace accord How does this attack fit into any long term goals of America?

Syria Blasts US Air Attacks

The Turkish government has been attempting to bring together Syria and Israel las part of the process to achieve peace between the nations. One would assume, given the difficulty in trying to end the Israel-Syrian conflict, the Bush administration would act cautiously in the area in order to facilitate peace, not hamper it. But, George Bush knows only one strategy, attack, baby, attack. US special forces targeted al-Qaeda fighters who were moving through Syria on their way to Iraq and launched helicopter attacks in the area. As an official openly stated: “we war taking matters into our own hands” in destroying the militants who were in Syria.

A Syrian government statement said helicopters attacked the Sukkariyeh Farm near the town of Abu Kamal which was inside the border of Syria which resulted in the death of civilians working on some buildings. The Foreign Ministry termed the air strike, a “serious aggression” on the nation of Syria. It called on the Iraqi government to conduct an investigation into this act of aggression against Syria.

US Air Strike Infuriates Pakistan

The government of Pakistan is furious over an American air strike which killed eleven of its soldiers in the volatile northwest area of the country. The attack which was most probably done by pilotless drones occurred near the Afghan border which already is the scene of constant disputes between the United States and Pakistan. Dead Pakistan soldiers were probably members of the Frontier Constabulary. Prime Minister Yousef Raz Gilani, stated bluntly, “we will take a stand for sovereignty integrity, and self-respect, and we will not allow our soil to be attacked.” Several Pakistan military officials already have made clear this incident will help militants in their anti-American propaganda.

During the past month, Pakistan officials have been engaged in discussions with Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders from Pakistan. President Bush and American military officials have made clear their disappointment with such discussions. This latest incident will only serve to accentuate the process of closer working relations between the Pakistan government and militants in the northwest region.

US Launches Missile Attack In Somalia

The Bush administration has always been clear about its policy of striking at alleged terrorists regardless of where they are hiding. Over the weekend, the United States launched a missile attack on the Somali town of Dobley to kill an alleged terrorist who was in a house. “It was a deliberate, precise, strike against a known terrorist” stated a US military official. Of course, similar “precise” attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq have sometimes resulted in the death of innocent civilians, but the Bush reasoning is if you are in the vicinity of a terrorist then, by definition, you are aiding the terrorist. Clan elder Ahmed Nur Dalaib said a senior Islamic official, Hassan Turki, was in town trying to mediate a conflict between his forces and a militia that was loyal to the Somali government.

The Bush administration urged Ethiopia to invade Somali and destroy its Islamic government resulting in a Christian nation now occupying a Muslim nation. Perhaps, there is logic in this invasion, but, so far, it has only resulted in further conflict.