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US Air Strikes Continue In Pakistan

Pakistan leaders over the past few months have made clear to the United States their anger at the constant bombing of their country by American missiles and bombers. The latest example is still another missile attack which supposedly was aimed at a Taliban leader but wound up killing 13 innocent Pakistan civilians. Unmanned US aircraft are believed to have carried out at least 18 missile attacks in tribal regions of Pakistan’s northwest area. General Petraeus recently promised Pakistan officials the US would be more careful, but apparently either he can not control his own subordinates or he is authorizing such air strikes.

There are reports of more and more tribal groups joining in the fight against al-Qaeda. Each time the United States sends its missiles to strike into Pakistan, the entire operation of getting these groups involved is weakened. The American military has to stand down for several months and focus on working with Pakistan military leaders.

US Air Strikes Continue In Pakistan

American missiles continue hitting into Pakistan in the search to kill al-Qaeda or Taliban leaders, but the only message emerging from these attacks is growing anger on the part of Pakistani leaders about outside forces killing their citizens. At least 27 people have been killed in two strikes over the past week. Several observers on the scene agree a few al-Qaeda middle level leaders might have been killed, but in all such operations, the dead also include innocent civilians. These attacks raise other issues. Will killing ten or twenty or a hundred middle level officials result in peace? Or is it meaningless since there will always be others to assume the mantle of leadership in al-Qaeda?

Bush continues to misunderstand the concept of fighting a guerrilla war. Such wars are won by gaining the support of the people more than killing some leaders of the opposition.