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US Ponders Durban Conference Attendance

The upcoming UN anti-racism conference to be held in Durban has raised questions in the minds of the United States and other nations concerning attending. Initially, only the US and Canada made clear they would not attend a conference that was blatantly stacked against Israel and believed the only example on planet Earth of racism was in that nation. Of course, examples of racism in Darfur which have resulted in the death of over 200,000 or Uganda or Saudi Arabia or Iran or India or Pakistan do not display examples of racism. Women are killed on the ground of “honor killings” but that is not racism, just killing women who do the wrong thing. The slaughter of five million in the Congo is not racism, since the dead are black skinned people killed by black skinned people.

The United States apparently has decided to wait a few more days to see if there is evidence the organizers of the conference are serious about racism or are they simply holding a world wide protest against Israel? Of course, some attendees wonder how a conference dealing with human rights can endorse a statement that to attack religion is an example of racism.

Or, should the United States attend the conference and rise to the defense of programs that are serious about ending racism? Of course, we could begin in Iran with its persecution of the Bahai!