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Taiwan Still Problem Between US And China

It is now over a half century since the defeated forces of General Chiang Kai-shek left the mainland of China and sought refuge in Taiwan. The Communist world of the 1940s is not the world of today in which the United States and China are important economic partners but issus about Taiwan continue to crop up. In 1979, the United States Congress passed legislation requiring America to provide Taiwan arms of a defensive nature. Again this year Congress returned to this piece of legislation to once again express its view of its necessity. The Chinese government has every right to become angry at interference in the internal affairs of another nation.

The solution for Taiwan is clear– recognize it is part of historic China and then become an autonomous functioning part of the nation with its current freedoms intact and the right to continue conducting its economy as has been done in the past. It is time to put this problem to rest.

How To Antagonize Communist China?

It does not take much to arouse the anger of Chinese Communist leaders — just mention the word–Tibet and say something negative about Chinese rule of the area. The House of Representatives passed a resolution, one among the many that are daily voted on, and made reference to the Chinese occupation of Tibet and denial of basic rights to have a voice in their own governance. China Daily apparently does not know the difference between a “resolution” and a “bill” since it charged the House had passed a bill concerning Tibet. In essence, the China Daily story, sums up its nation’s interpretation of events as follows: Tibet was governed by feudal minded religious leaders but once Chinese troops ended “serfdom” in Tibet it ushered in an era of social and economic progress– much like America in the fifties according to Chinese officials.

The Chinese government has a propensity to exaggerate the “interference” by outside nations in the internal affairs of China. Instead of granting people in Tibet some local autonomy which would then justify Chinese occupation, the Communist Party only knows one way of responding to any criticism– you are wrong and we are right, you have never been right and we have never been wrong. It may well play great in Communist Party meetings, but it bores the rest of the world.

US Congress Seeks To Impede Middle East Peace

During the past several years, the greatest enemy of Israel has been George Bush and some Congressmen who believe Israel does no wrong and all problems would be resolved in the Middle East if everyone simply goes along with the view that Muslim terrorists are the source of all problems. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proposed to provide Gaza over 800 million in aid to deal with the devastation of the Israeli invasion. The Clinton initiative received warm support among Arab nations which strengthened the ability of the Secretary of State to be a force in any negotiations. Some members of Congress wish to link any aid with guarantees that rocket attacks will cease and the Israeli soldier who is captive will be released. Rep. Shelley Berkley of California demands Clinto will not provide aid until the Israeli soldier is released and rocket fire ends.

The life of a single individual is important but over a thousand people have died in an effort to secure his release. There comes a time when the needs of millions must take precedence over the life of a single person. Secure peace in the Middle East and Mr. Shalit will be headed home.

China Condemns US Congress Human Rights View

The Chinese government reacted with anger to a US Congressional resolution which condemned its policies on human rights and failure to take action in Myanmar and the Sudan. The American statement was issued in order to ensure the Olympic Games “takes place in an atmosphere that honors the Olympic traditions of freedom and openness.” Congress demanded that President Bush take a strong stand on human rights issues in China. Chinese Foreign MInister spokesman, Liu Jianchao responded with anger: “The United States should firmly curb the odious conduct of a small group of anti-China lawmakers. The resolution itself is blasphemy to the Olympic spirit,and is against the common wishes of people around the world, including people in the United States.” He was furious at what was termed an effort of “politicize” the Olympic Games.

China has the opportunity to take a stand for human rights in Sudan, in Myanmar, and within its own boundaries, but instead its leaders believe making money is always paramount in their conception of foreign policy. China ignores how its action in support of human rights in Zimbabwe could assist efforts to create a coalition government in that nation which would focus on rights of people who have been oppressed. The American Congress is correct in demanding action by China.

An American Turk Defends Turkey

Vural Cengiz, a Turkish American offered a vigorous defense of Turkey and condemned House Resolution 106 which deals with Turkish genocidal policies toward Armenians. He argues “How could two million people be collected when only one million existed” in 1915. He then goes on to blame America for many problems impacting Turkey including the Bush I Gulf War which cost Turkey “billions of petro dollars.” Cengiz points out there is evidence Kurdish rebels who are attacking Turkish forces possess American made weapons. “Now Turks are not only called national enemies, but enemies of humanity?” He argues under the Ottoman Empire all nationalities lived in peace and were able to keep “their religious beliefs and values.” Armenians, he claims, aided Russia which was an enemy of the Ottomans and “were punished for their killings and betrayal.”

We print this harangue because it illustrates the emotional and distorted feelings of those in Turkey who are upset at H.R. 106. The Resolution places the onus of killing Armenians on the Ottoman government, not the subsequent Turkish government. It is interesting Mr. Cengiz claims Armenians gave “aid” to Russia and were then “punished for their killings and betrayal.” Ordinarily, if people in a nation offer aid to enemies, those engaged in such activities are punished, not others. He actually admits Armenians were “punished.” There is not a single word of explanation regarding pictures which have been published of dead men, women, and children whose bodies lie in pits. It is time for the people of Turkey to take a history lesson from Germany. The German people have admitted responsibility for the Holocaust, offer wonderful programs about the horror to children in school to ensure the past is honestly confronted, and have provided compensation to Holocaust victims. If Germany could confront its past, why not Turkey?