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Istanbul Consulate Assault Still Mystery

The assault on the US consulate in Insanbul’s Istinye suburb still has many mysterious elements as police and security forces attempt to figure out who was behind the attack and what was the object. Interior Minister Besir Atalay commented: “What we need to do now is to define the connection there people had… the general view on the assault is that it is a suicide attack.” One curious element is that one of the attackers, Raif Topcil’s father was involved in a 1996 operation against the Hezbollah which is a terrorist organization. There is still speculation the attack is somehow linked to al-Qaeda.

There are still some who believe the entire operation may be linked to recent reports concerning a planned coup against the Turkish government that was being organized by retired generals as well as some journalists who wanted to overthrow the Muslim government led by Prime Minister Erdogan. Papers seized in police raids indicate part of the plan was to create chaos in order to allow members of the military to claim they had to step in to restore law and order.