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Road To Peace Detours Through Damascus?

The majority of Americans still do not grasp the anger felt in many parts of the world by the arrogance of the Bush administration which pursued its version of spreading democracy regardless of the cost. President Bashar al-Assad, in an interview with the British Guardian, expressed his joy that Bush no longer occupies the presidency and that America can begin playing a role in fostering Middle Eastern peace. He believes Obama wants to bring Syria in from the cold and make it an important player in furthering peace in the region. Assad expressed his pleasure that Senator John Kerry and other American politicians are coming to Damascus to discuss issues of peace.

Assad was upset that a planned visit to Syria by General Petreaus was blocked by Bush.”We would like to have dialogue with the US administration. We would like to see him(Petraeus) here in Syria.” However, the Syrian leader was less than optimistic that any meaningful peace could arise from the incoming Israeli government. He also urged the EU and the United States to immediately engage in dialogue with the Iranian government.

Obama-Talk To Iran, Says Iraq Government

The government of Iraq is urging the new Obama administration to attempt a new approach and enter into discussions with both Iran and Syria. Ali al-Dabbagh, spokesman for the Iraq government said: “I call on the new administration to open dialogue with Iran to resolve the exceptional problems which are affecting stability in the region.” Prime Minister Maliki’s government even offered to assist in creating conditions for dialogue. “Whether the US would llike Iraq to initiate tht dialogue with Syria we are ready.” The bottom line for Iraq is to ensure there is dialogue between the United States and Iran in order to end the turmoil which now causes so mush terrorism.

There is no evidence that George Bush’s approach of war, war, and bombing has resulted in anything other than creating thousands of new terrorists and causing new area of complete disruption. Obama hinted during the campaign he was open to the idea of having discussions without preconditions and hopefully, he has not changed his mind on that point. As the great British prime minister Winston Churchill used to say: “Jaw, jaw, not war, war.”