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Further Dismantling Of Bush Foreign Policy Madness!

Among the great blunders of Bush’s foreign policy was creating problems where none existed. His decision to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic in order to deal with missiles from “North Korea and Iran” made absolutely no sense. Why would North Korea or Iran fire missiles at Europe knowing full well, the UK and France possessed atomic bombs” In fact, what would ever lead Iran to attack the entire European Union. In response to signs from the Obama administration the entire matter of missile bases in eastern Europe was being reviewed and, most probably, will be ended, the Russian government announced it was suspending plans to place missiles near the border of Poland. A Russian official commented: “These plans have been suspended because the new US administration is not pushing ahead with the plans to deploy the US missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.”

This “problem” is one created by Bush and it revealed his inability to understand how Russians think after being invaded twice in the 20th century and losing nearly 40 million people. Perhaps, if Bush spent less time gazing into the soul of Putin and more reading a few history books he never would have made this idiotic plan.

US Missile Strikes Continue In Pakistan

President Barack Obama is dismantling many of the Bush policies, but the question remains whether he will address the continual US missile strikes in Pakistan which wind up killing “militants” and in the process there is the inevitable “collateral damage” which means innocent civilians. Of course, the United States ordinarily refuses to admit it was their missiles which did the killing. Suspected US missiles killed 18 people according to Pakistan sources and supposedly five “foreign militants” were among those killed. Since August the US has launched at least 30 missile strikes inside Pakistan. As always, an anonymous Pakistan official provides estimates about how many died and how many were “militants.” Of course, rarely, if ever, is the process of identifying who is a “militant” and who is an innocent civilian clearly spelled out.

During the war in Vietnam, US military leaders ran up what was termed a “body count” that in most cases included numerous civilians who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is it possible we once again are witnessing the results of a body count approach to destroying “militants?”

Killing Militants Is Not The Answer!

For seven years the Bush administration has pursued a policy in Afghanistan of killing “militants” on the assumption if you kill enough of them the others will disappear. A few days ago, another US missile strike killed British militant who was linked to a jetliner bombing plot. Every time a US missile strike in Pakistan kills a militant, there are protests by Pakistanis against American military action on their soil. The Pakistan government insists these constant missile strikes may kill some militants but they also undermine the authority of the nation’s government and play into the hands of militants who wish to overthrow the democratically elected leaders and install a fundamentalist Islamic government.

There is not question some militants are being killed, but will that result in a change within al-Qaeda or the Taliban. A strategy based on killing leaders is doomed to failure because it is in the nature of a domestic movement for other leaders to emerge. Killing militants without a program of financial support to create a modern Pakistan education system or to stimulate jobs and economic growth will only result in dead militants and a dead society that is ripe to be overthrown by followers of the dead militants.

Pakistan Asks US To Halt Air Attacks

General Petraeus met with top Pakistani military leaders who urged an end to American missile attacks on their soil. A source told the Pakistan Daily Times, “Pakistani leaders told General Petraeus it is not possible to ask our people to support the war on terror when our sovereignty is violated every day.” President Zardari reportedly warned the American general that missile strikes were “counterproductive” and “difficult to explain by a democratically elected” government. He emphasized the missile strikes were “creating a credibility gap” for the Pakistan government.

There are no indications General Petraeus did anything to soothe the anger and feelings of Pakistani leaders. He made no guarantees there would be a cease and desist of drone attacks on Pakistan. The Bush administration justified war on Iraq on the grounds that Saddam Hussein was planning terror action against the United States. However, he sees nothing wrong with the United States carrying out terror attacks on Pakistan. It is a sad day both for America and Pakistan.

Bush’s Missile Folly Results In Russian Missile Folly

The decision by President Bush to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic was based on a strange assumption that the installation of the missiles was vital to the defense of Europe against attacks from Iran and North Korea. Of course, no one in Russia accepted such a weird idea and the result is determination on the part of Russia to retaliate against the Americans. Col. General Nikolai Solotsov said his nation might decide to aim its intercontinental ballistic missiles at the newly constructed bases. He said these facilities could be “designated as targets for our ICBMs.” Moscow believes the missile bases constitute a threat to their nation’s security since it is obvious they have nothing to do with Iran or North Korea.

Perhaps, George Bush can offer the world proof the missile bases actually are there to protect Europe against Iranian and North Korean missiles. Of course, before offering this data, he initially must explain why North Korea or Iran would seek to attack Europe? Bush’s policy was rash, it was unnecessary, and it was provocative towards Russia.

Medvedev Blasts US Missile Plans

President Dmitry Medvedev came out swinging against the Bush plan to establish missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic to in order to protect Europe against potential Iranian missiles. Medvedev made clear he regards such installations as disrupting the peace of Europe and serve no purpose other than allowing Bush to once again boast of his toughness. ”
This common(security) heritage cannot survive if one of the sides selectively destroys isolated elements of the strategic construction. this doesn’t satisfy us.”

The Medvedev comments come after the United States and Britain sharply criticized him for allegedly going back on promises made at the G8 summit to support action against the brutal Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. Medvedev had to admit four Russian planes had wandered into Georgia where a civil war is raging.

The bottom line is no threat exists to Europe or the United States from Iranian missiles. Why would Iran launch a missile attack on Europe knowing full well both France and the United Kingdom have nuclear missile submarines that could easily destroy most Iranian cities? George Bush has once again created a problem where none exists. The likelihood of Iran firing such missiles is as probable as Bush finding his famous WMD.

Medvedev Of Two Minds At G-8 Summit Meeting

President Dimitry Medvedev is still struggling to define himself and his role in the aftermath of assuming power from former president Putin who now serves as his prime minister. Medvedev was upset at the American decision to proceed with its missile shield agreement that allows it to place missiles on the soil of the Czech Republic. “This does not suit us,” said the president. “And while we, of course, won’t stir up any kind of hysteria, we will consider concrete steps.” He regards the missiles as a deliberately provocative action by the United States against a nation which has not displayed any aggressive attitude, and dismisses as ridiculous US claims the missiles are directed against “rogue states” like Iran.

On the issue of sanctions against Zimbabwe, President Medvedev displayed his ambiguity of feelings. He feels reluctant to condemn a fraudulent election since western nations made comments about the honesty of his own election, but he also was confronted by horrific pictures that displayed the brutality of the Mugabe government. Medvedev finally agreed to support the statement warning of possible financial sanctions. He allegedly caved in after Prime Minister Gordon Brown showed him pictures of burned and mutilated bodies of those who opposed the Mugabe government.

Putin And Bush Continue Disagreeing

Presidengt Vladmir Putin and President George Bush met but were unable to resolve differences between the two nations over the conroversial American led proposal to establish missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. The Russian leader told reporters: “I want to be understood correctly. Strategically, no changes happened in our…attitude to U.S plans.” George Bush insists the United States needs to build missile bases in eastern Europe in order to protect Europe from possible Iranian or North Korean missile attacks. His logic makes no sense since there is absolutely no evidence either the Iranian or North Korean governments have any desire to launch an attack on the European Union. Putin is absolutely correct, the only logical foe would be Russia and it has no desire for war. This is merely a continuation of the misguided Bush policy of creating problems where none exist.

Members of the European Union should have dismissed this insane and worthless American effort which is designed to fight against no one over no reasons.

How Will New Russian President Work-Ask The PM

According to a new joke making the round of European capitals, two Russians are discussing their new president. “I wonder how things will work out after Medvedev takes over,” says one. The other replies, ” A lot will depend on the new prime minister.” Although Dimitry Medvedev is a strong Russian nationalist, he does not bring to the office the same background in Soviet KGB activities that was so characteristic of Putin. Medvedev, s chairman of Gazprom, knows the current economic boom in his nation is mainly due to oil and gas sources, not to a surging economy built on high tech. Any changes in the need for oil would have a disastrous impact on the Russian economy.

All good things invariably come to an end. The challenge for Medvedev is taking his nation into new economic and political directions. No one wants to return to the chaos which followed Gorbachev’s dismantling of the Soviet state, but many hunger for an end to the tight government controls that were instituted under Putin. Hopefully, Medvedev represents a new middle ground for the Russian people.

From Afganistan To Pakistan With Death

The boundary between Afghanistan and Pakistan weaves through mountains and valleys making it virtually impossible for determination of an exact line. US led forces in Afghanistan fied across the border into Pakistan seeking to strike at Taliban militants but the only resulting killing was that of two women and two children. The attack illustrates American belief Taliban forces are finding refuge in the northwest region which is controlled by numerous tribal chieftains. Al-Qaida and the Taliban use Pakistan’s lawless border area as a base for attacks in Afghanistan. On Thusday, a suicide bomber rammed a convoy of US troops in Kabul and killed six civilians.

An Associated Press reporter was led by villagers in Tangrai to the ruble of the house hit in the cross border attack. One cried, “We are poor people, just trying to earn a living.” In Afghanistan, a spokesperson for the American led coalition said troops used “precision-guided munitions” in an effort to hit a compound, and they were responding to an “imminent threat.” Pakistan authorities asked the Americans to explain why there was a mistake but no on expects an answer other than the precise missile hit the wrong target.

The killing goes on, innocent civilians continue dying, and precision bombs continue hitting the wrong target. It was just another day on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.