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Iranian Cleric Leader Hints At US Talks

There have been numerous reports that in 2001 and 2002, Iranian leaders reached out to the United States in order to cooperate in the destruction of the Taliban since Iran shared a common antagonism to the Sunni fanatics who controlled Afghanistan. The reform president of Iran, Khatami, supposedly offered to end nuclear development, cease aiding terrorism and enter into negotiations with Israel. Naturally, the idiot who was president of the United States turned down the offer. Yesterday, the Iranian parliament speaker, the noted cleric leader, Ali Larijanij, said he is considering entering into discussions with American members of Congress in order to develop improved relations between Iran and the United States/

Larijani has received letters from Congressmen. He said it was time to hold bilateral negotiations and he emphasized, “we have not given a negative response to this issue. It is under examination and he added, “we feel that it is now time to hold bilateral negotiations.”

Larijani is close to the top cleric leaders of Iran and he would never have made such statements had he not talked with his superiors.