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Bush Links With Georgia And Angers Russia

George Bush approaches foreign policy with a mindset that regards what he as an American believes is right rather than having any consideration for how an action impacts other nations. A week before leaving office, President Bush has signed an agreement with Georgia with deals with issues of defense, military cooperation and furthering “democracy” in an effort to bind that nation to US interests. According to Georgian Foreign Minister Grigoi Vashadze, “this is a stepping stone which will bring Georgia to Euro-Atlantic structures, to membership within NATO, and to return to the family of Western and civilized nations.” One assumes he means that Russia is not part of the civilized world.

Secretary of State Rice said the pace of Georgia’s integration within NATO depends on the desires of the Georgian people. The issue of Georgia being part of NATO is one requiring extensive thought since such action will only antagonize Russia and embitter relations between the European Union and the Medvedev government. There is no need at the present moment for Georgia to be part of NATO. Newly elected president Barack Obama should have the freedom to consider a host of factors before deciding to support Georgia membership in NATO.