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UN Accuses America Of Neglecting Homeless

The American people elected a man to the office of president who posed as one concerned about the needs of ordinary folk unlike George Bush who believed the president’s first duty was to the rich and powerful. A UN investigator who was prevented from visiting America by the Bush administration has accused the United States of pouring billions of dollars into rescuing banks and big business while neglecting the needs of those who even lack a place to sleep at night. Raquel Rolnik said in no uncertain terms: “The housing crisis is invisible for many in the US. I learned through this visit that real affordable housing and poverty is something that hasn’t been dealt with as an issue…. I think those whoa re suffering the most in this whole situation are the very poor. the low income people.”

Perhaps, another visit would make even clearer to the world that Ivy League led America under Barack Obama is more concerned about banks than those who lack jobs. No serious effort has been made by the Obama administration to address issues of unemployment or under-employment. Unfortunately, for Obama, those without jobs will express their anger in the coming elections of 2010. Beware the ideas of November, Mr. President!