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Caroline Kennedy For The Senate!

Each day another of Barack Obama’s selections is presented and, invariably, it is a person who has years of experience and has been actively engaged in politics. The dream of the Obama election was not only would those who possess “experience” be heading government, but those with diverse “experience” would also be part of the mix. The new century requires a combination of those with experience and those whose experience allows them to see the present and future through new eyes. Caroline Kennedy has thrown her hat into the ring and will seek the US Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. At first glance, many will argue why Caroline Kennedy? Does her experience compare with those who have been congressmen for years? The answer is quite clear, Caroline Kennedy offers a fresh perspective and is one who does not represent the interests of any special group. She will be a breath of fresh air by allowing those in their forties to put forth a new vision for

Caroline Kennedy has written about constitutional issues, she has been actively engaged in the field of education, and she certainly has lived the world of politics from day one of her life. Some will claim she is a celebrity. Yes, she is. But, she would represent the arrival in Congress of individuals who are truly independent in their thinking. And, she certainly knows where Russia is without looking out of her window!

$30 Billion Iraq Government-Succcess Or Failure?

As General Petraeus and Ambasador Crocker, prepare to offer their ideas on the past, present, and future of Iraq, some Democratic congressmen are raising questions about the famous surge. Senator Carl Levin of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, wants to know why the Iraq government has accumulated a sum of $30 billion which rests in US banks drawing interest while the American public is paying high prices for gasoline. “I want the details,” said Levin, “I’m going to be pressing the ambassador about the funding issues.” However, the main topic of discussion will center on the success or failure of the surge durng the past few months. Senator Joseph Biden of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee wants to know: “Where are we after the surge? Back to where we were before it started, with 140,000 troops in Iraq and no end in sight?

Republican supporters of the surge argue the surge worked and fatalities are down. They point to examples of new legislation passed by the Iraq legislature and actions to confront violence by the government of Prime Minister Maliki. Or, as Biden raises, have we gone “from drowning in Iraq to treading water?” The Iraq government still requires the presence of 140,000 American troops despite five years of fighting.

In the end, the war in Iraq has always centered on political issues, not military. The Maliki government has failed to win the trust or support of Sunni members of their nation and divisions within the predominant Shiites continue to divide the country. Until those factors are addressed, fighting will continue in Iraq.

GOP Senators Seek Iraq War End As Bush Leaves

A group of Republican senators, several of whom are facing tough re-election campaigns next year, are proposing legislation which would end American combat operations and shift US responsibilities in Iraq to training a new Iraqi army. The shift would occur fifteen months from now to coincide with the departure of Bush from the presidency. Senator Voinovich is introducing the legislation together with Senators Alexander, Coleman and Dole who face serious fights to gain re-election to the Senate. Democrats have basically described the proposal as a nonstarter.

A tragedy of the Republican party is the failure to serve the best interests of the American people instead of the best interests of George Bush and his election campaigns. Now, those who refused to stand up for the nation may have to stand down as senators.