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US Supports Terrorism Claims Pakistan

The Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence(ISI) has been charged with aiding Taliban forces in Afghanistan and playing a role in the bombing of the Indian consulate in Kabul. Never one to take responsibility for its actions, the ISI struck back by charging they had “strong evidence and circumstantial evidence of American acquiescence to terrorism inside Pakistan.” The government of President Musharraf told Admiral Michael Mullen and CIA Deputy Director Sephen Kappes, they had been unduly influenced by false information supplied by Indian sources. The Pakistan charge the United States has refused to allocate Predator missiles to destroy terrorist bases in tribal areas of the northwest. The ISI claims the US knew where terrorist tribal leader Baitullah Mehsud was traveling but refused to order his death.

At the heart of this apparent fairy story of Americans being on the side of terrorists and supporting India’s campaign to overthrow the Musharraf government is an inability on the part of the Pakistan government to assume responsibility for its actions in aiding the growth of the Taliban and working with Islamic terrorists to create tension inside India.