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British Foreign Minister Concerned About US Trials

Britain’s Foreign Minister David Miliband admited his nation had “some concerns” over the upcoming trial of those charged with being behind the 9/’11 attacks. The trial before a military tribunal raises questions as to the legality of the process since Miliband notes his nation apparently has a different definition as to what constitutes torture. The use of “waterboarding” is illegal in the British system, but President Bush obviously believes it can be used on certain occasions. “There is absolutely no question,” said Miliband, “about the UK government’s commitments in respect of torture, which is illegal and our definitioin of what torture is.”

Unlike President Bush, the British Foreign Minister believes those fighting terrorism must never resort to the beliefs and attitudes of groups which are against the basic tenets of democracy. “We always assert our system of values which is different from those who attacked the U.S. and killed British citizens on September 11, and that’s somehting we’d always want to stand for.”

The United States stands ready for an election in the fall, and hopefully an individual will be elected who stands for democracy and all that concept of life represents. We Americans can never find justification for torture and abuse of people. Even the worse criminals who served the cause of Nazi Germany were tried in a civilian court.