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What Bush Never Told America About Iran!!

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey told the British Guardian newspaper that Iranian officials made a request while George Bush was president of their desire to establish peaceful relations with the United States but never received any response. George Bush constantly lied to the American people by claiming the Iranian government was only interested in violence and had no desire for peace in the region. Erdogan said he will convey the Iranian desire for peace to President Barack Obama and offered to play the role of a conduit between the two nations in hope of creating a new image in the region that moves away from confrontation and violence. His comments came in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s appointment of Dennis Ross who is to serve as a special envoy in the Middle East and with Iran. In a recent article, Ross suggested a new approach towards Iran should best begin through a “direct, secret back channel.”

In the interview, Erdogan also made clear that Israel acted in a disproportionate manner in the recent invasion of Gaza and insisted that peace between Israel and Palestine would only be achieved if the Israel government recognized the need to include all factions in any peace negotiation. He made clear he has always told Hamas to act differently and accept the legal presence of Israel. “They have to accept this, but Israel also has to accept Palestine.”

Hopefully, the United States and Iran can begin to jaw, jaw and end thoughts of war, war.

Russia Offers Assistance To Fight In Afghanistan

The Russian government and four former Soviet republics, have offered to provide assistance to coalition and American forces fighting in Afghanistan even as one, Kyrgzstan cut off access of America to an air base in its territory. Russian President Dimitry Medvedev said, Khyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan have agreed to a “full-pledged and comprehensive cooperation” with NATO forces in the region. The offer is undoubtedly linked to hopes by the Medvedev-Putin government that Barack Obama will end Bush attempts to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic which they regard as aggressive actions against Russia.There is still some murky and confusing aspects of the statement particularly in light of ending American access to an air base in the region.

George Bush never grasped that Russia was also concerned about having a militant Afghanistan on its border which might stir up Muslims in Russia to engage in separatist actions. There were always joint goals and aspirations which Bush simply never could grasp.

Wither Russia And The US?

After eight years of George Bush, relations between the United States and Russia have deteriorated to the point where the two nations have been unable to cooperate in dealing with many issues such as towards Iran. American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov exchanged greetings, but there is an opportunity aside from formal greetings to engage Russia in assisting the world. Russia has as much to be concerned about the emergence of a powerful nuclear Iran as does the United States. Russia has a large Muslim population and it would damage Russian interests for Iran to become a powerful nation that might appeal to disgruntled Muslims inside Russia. The government of Vladmir Putin does not like terrorists anymore than does the United States. The authoritarian tendencies of Putin and Medvedev feel threatened by the presence of terrorist groups within its borders

Step one in any American and Russian move toward friendly relations must entail ending the Bush plans to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic as well as furthering NATO’s thrust into east Europe. The United States must pay attention to the national interests and concerns of Russia by ending Bush provocation and enlisting Russian support in dealing with Iran and the Middle East. Russia can be an ally once Bush views toward the world cease to be the face of America.

Chinese View Of Barack Obama Administration

Few Americans realize the extent to which George Bush has damaged the nation’s reputation throughout the world and the problems that are left for Barack Obama to resolve. A spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Defense urged Obama to restore positive bilateral military relations between the two nations that have been derailed by Bush policies toward Taiwan. “Only when both countries respect each other’s core interests can we consolidate the politic al base of our military relations.” China suspended high level military contact after Bush proceeded to sell arms to Taiwan. The Ministry of Defense made clear American sales of arms to Taiwan only made more difficult the possibility of close military relations between the two nations.

The issue is not whether or not China will invade and conquer Taiwan since there is scant evidence of that possibility in the near future. Taiwan is secure and the immediate need is securing Chinese cooperation in many areas of the world ranging from Pakistan to Afghanistan and the Middle East. China wants Obama to focus on the need for close cooperation between the military forces of the United States and China by ending arms sales to Taiwan and focusing on what must be done to confront world problems. It is time to move away from the confrontational stance of Bush toward one in which both sides display mutual respect.

Putin Considers Working With Obama

After eight years of dealing with the likes of George Bush, Russian Prime Minister Putin would most likely welcome anyone who shows the slightest inclination to have a brain in his head so it is not surprising he is pondering the future with Barack Obama. Putin said he closely followed the election and Obama seems to come across as a “sincere and open” man, but the future is still not clear. “It is my deepest belief that the most bitter disappointments usually arise from excessive expectations. We need to see what happens in practice.” He also made clear that Obama has to end the missile program in Poland and the Czech Republic before the United States and Russia can have good relations.

Putin’s comments are ironic since they are exactly the ones most Russians could say about him as a leader of Russia. There were high hopes when he took office, and the ensuing years have witnessed the erosion of democracy. Obama most likely will work to end the Cold War that Bush policies created with Russia.

US-NATO Promise Aid To Halt Gaza Smuggling

The United States and NATO pledged to assist efforts to prevent the smuggling of arms into Gaza and to halt further rocket attacks from the area into Israel. The Israel government said it was pleased at this assurance and indicated this might lead the way to a cease fire in Gaza and an end to the carnage which has cost the lives of over one thousand Gazans. Secretary of State Condi Rice said the United States would provide technical support in order to monitor the border area in order to prevent smuggling.

Hamas insists it is fighting to open the crossings into Gaza. The death of over 1,000 people might have been avoided if Hamas had pursued other means to attain that goal. Children have died because Israel wants to send a message to Hamas and Hamas wants to send a message to Israel. Perhaps, both might have considered sending a message of life to the children who died.

Afghanistan Demands End To Civilian Harassment

President Karzai is demanding an end to the bombing if his nation’s population by US and coalition forces in an effort to restore confidence in his government. He told the people of Afghanistan he had sent request to his allies regarding troop behavior in his nation. “Part of that list was they they shouldn’t on their own, enter the houses of our people and bombard our villages and detain our people.” The president has repeatedly urged his allies to avoid actions which backfire by persuading ordinary citizens to look more favorably on Taliban forces. His comments came on the same day, UN chief in Afghanistan, Kai Eide, called for Coalition forces to rethink their strategy of entering homes and bombing.

The behavior of Coalition and US forces in Afghanistan simply reflects an inability to learn from mistakes in Vietnam and Iraq the importance of winning over ordinary civilians if an insurgency is to be defeated. The use of military force in itself will not end the Taliban.

Cuba–The Dream That Failed!

Fifty years ago, I sat glued to a television screen in January, 1959 watching the bearded heroes of Cuba swing joyously down the streets of liberated Havana and felt pride in the efforts of these young Cuban men and women who had driven out the hated dictator, Batista. Today, the dream of a free Cuba has long since died under the stifling control of the Castro brothers and all they represent of ancient rhetoric about freedom that exists in their minds, but not in the reality of the everyday lives of Cubans. Hundreds of dissident voices are locked in jails and gays and lesbians are persecuted by a regime that ostensibly represented the new world of freedom. Each week, the Dames de Blanco (Ladies in White) march together to St.Rita’s church in protest in protest against the imprisonment of their husbands who dared to speak out for freedom in Cuba.

The “Revolution” has brought excellent free medical care to the population and its schools produce excellent graduates in many areas such as medicine. People have sufficient, if boring, food and there are no outward differences between people as exist in capitalist nations. Hopefully, the Obama administration will restore relations with Cuba and open the door for more freedom and a better standard of living. Fortunately, the old anti-Castro crowd in Miami is now old and their children may be more receptive to dialogue.

Negotiate With Iran Urge Mid-East Experts

The Saban Center for Middle East Policy in Washington D.C. issued a report calling on president elect Barack Obama to engage Iran in discussions. The report entitled: “Restoring The Balance- A Middle East Strategy for the Next President” argues Iran is much closer to atomic weapons than has previously been thought and there is need to engage its government in discussions in order to relax tension in the region. The report emphasizes; “If you’re moving on the Israel-Palestinian front, in Teheran, they might feel they’ve been left behind and react with terrorist attacks. This time it’s really important to engage them in making the new order, to make clear we’re not trying to isolate them, but to engage them.”

This report took 18 months to prepare but anyone familiar with the situation could have saved the time by honing in on why Iran is upset. Iran HAs been isolated by Bush and Israel which has resulted in its support for terrorism. “Jaw, jaw is better than war, war,” as British Prime Minister Winston Churchill used to say.

Karzai Blasts US And Coalition

President Karzai allowed his frustrations at the conduct of the war to explode in vigorous condemnation of the efforts by American and coalition forces to combat the Tabliban. “We haven’t accepted the international community so our lives could get worse,” he said, arguing his people could accept some difficulties in the war, but the style of fighting as conducted by the United States and NaTO, “can’t be the only way forever.” He insisted he was not asking for those fighting on his side to leave but he did want a date by which they had accomplished their goals. Karzai is particularly upset at the constant air strikes which all too often result in the death of innocent civilians.

All Secretary of State Rice could respond is that “I don’t think one sets timetables on when wars end.” Actually, there were timetables in operation during World War II which may help to account for being able to know if one was winning or losing. The lack of timetables means wars can go on forever.

Of course, it would help if Karzai actually ran an honest government that met the needs of people.