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The Torah Is At Fault, Claim Rabbis!

Scratch a clergyman and you will discover he can cite something in the Bible, the Koran, the Torah or whatever in order to justify a specific action. During the Inquisition, as priests tortured people, they justified their actions on grounds they simply were carrying out God’s will. Chief Sephardi Rabbi Shlomo Amar informed the world that seizing land on the West Bank was simply a command from God. He urged American Jews to put pressure on their government to have them halt exerting pressure on the Israel government to end settlement construction on the west bank and in East Jerusalem. The Rabbi argued the attempt to prevent Jews from living in the west bank “is being done at a time when every person is allowed to live wherever he wishes, to live in every area of the world, while here in Israel(Americans)want to create a (Palestinian) state in which it will be prohibited for Jews to live.”

Perhaps, the Torah ordered Jews to assume control over the West Bank, but the Torah is somewhat out of date regarding people going wherever they desire. Every nation has immigration restrictions which prevent strangers from entering their land. The West Bank came under control of Israel as a result of warfare. International law precludes a conquering nation from taking control of land and building settlements for its own inhabitants by ejecting those living in the area.

Jewish Rabbis are as much filled with their own self importance and arrogance as their brothers in religion –Muslim, Christian and you name it clerics. Israel Jews violated international law, not the Torah!

Olmert Blasts US Stance On West Bank Settlements

Former Israel prime minister Ehud Olmert sharply criticized the Obama administration for insisting on a complete halt to housing on the West Bank. Although he agrees the construction of this housing “commands the agenda between the United States and Israel,” he regards it as a mistake because it is “impossible to completely enforce” and will only embitter the situation within Israel and between his country and the United States. He believes Palestinian needs to create an effective government and provide security have no connection to the issue of West Bank housing. Olmert also blamed Palestinian leaders for rejecting his proposal a year ago which dealt with many of their concerns.

Olmert is absolutely correct that Palestinian leaders have lacked a sense of vision and been unable to take risks in order to achieve peace. However, no Palestinian leader today can enter negotiations with Israel if they must accept West Bank settlements as they currently exist. Barack Obama is correct housing must cease and the Israel government has to become realistic of their chance to retain only a small portion of the West Bank. What could have happened last year or ten years ago has no relevance to what must occur today.

Russian — US Arms Talks Progesses

The administration of former president George Bush created issues with Russia that resulted in a breakdown of any possibility of reducing arms and nuclear stockpiles. The Russian foreign ministry reported progress in discussions with the current Obama administration on arms control, particularly dismantling the vast nuclear weapons that were built during the Cold War. “There is an active negotiating process going on at the moment to work out an agreement that would replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty,” said a Russian official. There is hope both sides can come to an agreement in time when President Obama and President Medvedev meet in July.

The reduction–or elimination– of these vast stockpiles of nuclear weapons is an important first step in making the world a bit safer. There is no need in the modern world for nuclear weapons since none can realistically be used in any conflict.

UK Confused About Afghanistan Role

Ever since former Prime Minister Tony Blair decided to be the lap dog of George Bush and push his nation into the disaster that became Iraq, the British government has been somewhat confused in determining what are the national interests of the United Kingdom and should they support the interests of the United States. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is apparently completely confused concerning his nation’s role in Afghanistan. On one hand, he believes even dispatching 2,500 additional troops is beyond the financial capacity of his nation, but, on the other hand he tells President Obama that Great Britain will do its job in Afghanistan. Britain’s most senior military officers are furious because there are insufficient troops in Afghanistan which results in the Americans failing to allow British input into strategy, given that American forces have the largest contingent of fighting forces.

General Sir Richard Dannatt, the head of the British army, made a public statement about his concerns. “Britain’s calculation has long been that maintaining military strategic partner-of-choice status with the United States offers a degree of influence and security that has been pivotal to our foreign and defense policy. But, this relationship can only be sustained if it is founded on a certain military credibility threshold.”

Of course, an alternative is to leave Afghanistan.

Medvedev Wants Peace With Obama

The reality is that issues of conflict between the United States and Russia are not insurmountable and all it requires is common sense and a willingness to compromise. President Medvedev expressed his hopes in a Washington Post article that the two nations could become friends and cease their conflict. George Bush created one crisis after another in order to antagonize Russia with his ill advised effort to construct anti-missile bases on the border of Russia. There is no doubt George Bush would have ordered the air force out if Russia constructed anti-missile bases in Cuba. The Bush support for Georgia certainly played a role in encouraging that nation to begin the war in South Ossetia.

Medvedev said quite clearly, “I believe that removing such obstacles to good relations would be beneficial to our countries.” It is simple, end the thought of anti-missile bases in Poland and take up Russia’s offer to construct anti-missile bases on its territory that would be controlled by both nations. Invite Russia to become a member of NATO and end the conflict over nothing.

British Tourists Warned To Avoid Drink In Muslim Areas

The British government has warned tourists to be careful of their behavior while vacationing in Muslim nations and to be particularly concerned about excessive drinking or public displays of affection. Women are being advised to dress in a modest manner and not to display warm affection for a male while walking the streets of Muslim nations. Due to the economic crisis a large number of British tourists are avoiding European Union areas and seeking out vacation spots where the pound has a bigger bang. The number of visitors to Egypt this year has increased by 38% and to Turkey by 32%. The Foreign Office last year dealt with the cases of 75,000 British tourists abroad who encountered problems with local authorities. In a recent case of two British tourists in Dubai they were arrested for having sex on the beach or at least what local officials termed “sex.”

Of course, if the British are seeking vacation spots where affection, kissing, and sex are welcomed, there are always nice places in the world such as San Francisco which welcome those who want a free sex life. Hop on a plane for the good old USA, the land of economic plight where your pound will produce a lot of bucks.

Russian Leader Wants To Meet Obama

There are indications President Dmitry Medvedev is looking forward to the presidency of Barack Obama in order to end the current stalemate between his nation and the United States. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “President Medvedev and Barack Obama agreed to work on the basis of pragmatism and old a top-level meeting soon after Obama’s inauguration.” The Foreign Minister said his nation is prepared to work in a collaborative manner with the new American president. Russia “will also be ready to consider any issues and strive for looking for mutually acceptable solutions.”

George Bush never met a solution he could not turn into a problem. There was no reason fro the United States and Russia to engage in conflicts over the past few years. Bush decided to antagonize the Russian government by pushing for missile bases on its border and to urge Georgia to engage in military action that was bound to elicit a Russian reaction.

Medvedev And Obama- A New Beginning?

The administration of George Bush has done tremendous damage to American-Russian relations by building missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and encouraging the eastward expansion of NATO which have posed a serious threat to the security of Russia. Barack Obama and President Dimitry Medvedev were both born in the sixties and now represent the emergence of a new generation which lacks ties with the war in Vietnam or the Cold War between their nations. An op-ed piece in the Moscow Times by Rose Gottemoeller, argues Obama and Medvedev have the potential of coming together in a new process of peace for the world. They can put vestiges of the Cold War behind them and work for a new Russian-American alliance for peace in the world.

Medvedev needs support if he is to take on hard liners in the Kremlin and Obama needs support to end the madness of American policy in the Middle East. Obama could cease building missile bases which would strengthen the hand of Medvedev against Putin supporters and incorporation of Russia into NATO would once and for all put an end to the Cold War. They can cooperate by offering joint discussions with Iranian leaders and exerting pressure on Israel to reach a compromise agreement with Palestinians that ensures creation of an independent nation in that region of the world.

A Medvedev-Obama alliance will be a force for peace and social justice in the world. Russia can emerge as a democratic nation once fears of the outside world are removed.

Russia Seeks Security Pact

President Dimitry Medvedev blasted America’s attempt to impose its ideas on the world which has led to confusion, violence and undermining global security. “A desire by the United States to consolidate its global domination led to it missing a historical chance…to build a truly democratic world order.” Not only has this failure necessitated a need for new approaches to world security, but the economic collapse in America is impacting the economies and lives of people throughout the world. Medvedev called to a new security pact which would ban the use of force or the threat of violence by any nation. He was willing to include Russia as part of any new security pact to guarantee peace.

He pointed out that after 9/11 Russia stood poised to work with the United States to fight world terrorism but Bush policies such as the invasion of Iraq made such efforts impossible to achieve. Medvedev said it was time for an end to American “egotism” to end, whether it be in regard to military action or economic health.

Prague Charges Russia Plots To Halt Missile Bases

During the past year, President Bush has been pushing for construction of missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. Many people in the Czech Republic have opposed the bases and some polls indicate the number in opposition may represent about half the population of the country. A supporter of the bases, Jan Vidim claims Czech intelligence has evidence Russian spies are operating to stir up opposition to the planned bases. He cites evidence from the Czech Security Information Service(BIS) that Russian agents are openly “trying to influence the public. they have to be pretty sure about it.”

For some reason, members of parliament such as Vidim consider it perfectly appropriate for American agents and political leaders to propagandize for bases but if other nation try to implement similar plans they become “agents” and “spies” bent on destroying the Czech democracy. The United States spends millions trying to influence public opinion in dozens of nations so why should it be surprising that Russia is engaged in similar activities?