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US Companies Create Fear Among British In Afghanistan

British forces in the Helmand province of Afghanistan are concerned American security companies will be playing an increasingly vital role in the area. The British have worked to win the “hearts and minds” of Afghanistanis and do not with the heavy handed private companies entering the area. A diplomat noted, “The worry is that there will be a blast and some contractors will panic and open fire as happened in Baghdad.” DynCorp will play an important role, but they were heavily involved in programs to eradicate poppy fields which angered local farmers. USAID workers expressed their concerns that much of American aid in Afghanistan gets siphoned off to security companies rather than getting to the average farmer or worker in the country.

In prior wars, groups like the famous Seabees of World War II handled construction projects. There is a difference in having regular army soldiers handling every aspect of the military than allowing private companies which are not subject to military rules and procedures. Such is the Bush legacy.