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Russia Rewrites History Of WWII

Modern Russia has long since distanced itself from its Communist past, but when it comes to issues of the military and wars, there still is a commitment to prove neighboring nations caused problems for the innocent Communist leaders. An article that appeared on the web site of the Defense Ministry claims that Poland is responsible for the outbreak of World War II because it forced Hitler to invade it. Prior to the German invasion, Hitler demanded that Poland turn over to him the major port of Danzig, and allow construction of a railroad and highway through Poland in order to link up with East Germany. “One can hardly call the first two demands ungrounded” wrote the Russian military writer.

Of course, what the author did not wish to discuss is the secret agreement made by Hitler with Communist dictator Joseph Stalin that, in effect, divided Poland between Russia and Germany. After Hitler invaded Poland, the Russian army moved in and took possession of eastern Poland. The article no doubt fits into Prime Minister Putin’s desire to review what is printed in Russian textbooks and eliminate any “anti-Russian” comments.

Then again, all Hitler wanted was the western part of the Soviet Union so he could get access to food and oil supplies. “Germany’s demands were pretty modest…”