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Pope Makes Move To Change Legionaires Of Christ

Pope Benedict has decided it is time for reform after avoiding the issue for years despite one report after another concerning sexual abuses in the Church. He dispatched a special envoy to investigate and institute changes in the Legionaires of Christ which for decades was controlled by Falther Marciel Maciel who only recently died in 2008. A Vatican statement emphasized the order was an example of deceit, silence and obedience. “By pushing away and casting doubt upon all those who questioned behavior, and false belief, he created a defense mechanism that made him unassailable.”

If this Order can be reformed it sends a signal the Vatican is prepared to act. If nothing is done, then sexual abuse will continue. Of course, it would be better if Pope Benedict explored issues of celibacy and women’s role in the Church.

Swedish Poet On Catholic Church’s Plight

Swedish poet, Marcus Birro writing in the Local expressed his concern about the Catholic Church. “I love liberal Catholicism….I feel when reading about bishops…. their systematic, hellish, unrestrained abuses and violations have dragged my faith, my God and my belief in humanity into the dirt. These days are heavy with grief. What is happening could kill the Catholic Church.” These are the words of a human who loves the Catholic Church, and he is simply one of millions with such heaviness in their souls. A tragedy of the Catholic Church is being unable to reach out to such voices and ask for their assistance in bringing about changes.

Marcus Birro has some suggestions for his Church. He wants an end to celibacy, the ordination of women as priests, the end of attacks on gays and lesbians and acceptance of contraception as a means of birth control. These suggestions are not those of men who run the Church, but the question remains as to whether people like Birro or the Vatican can save the Catholic Church?

It’s Them Gays Who Are The Problem, Not Us!

There is no question the issue of sexual abuse is a key factor confronting the Catholic Church due to numerous cases involving members of the clergy. Sexual abuse is found in virtually every segment of society, which then necessitates organizations to examine their own culture or organizational structure for answers in how to handle the issue. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone was in Chile giving a presentation when he launched into a rather unusual approach to sexual abuse. “Many psychologists,” he told the audience, “have shown there is no link between celibacy and paedophilia…. but there is a relationship between homosexuality and paedophilia.” He was immediately attacked by Chile gay leader, Rolando Jimenez who commented, “Neither Bertone nor the Vatican has the moral authority to give lesons on sexuality.”

During the 1960s there was a famous song about how all ills in the world could be solved by ” blame it on the Stones.” Apparently, the Vatican believes when in doubt, punt in the direction of gays. If the Vatican confronted the issue, it might gain stature rather than prolonging the conflict.

Gay Nights At Vatican?

The world media is having a field day with reports from the Vatican concerning members of the ceremonial guard and the choir being involved in a gay prostitution ring along with indications Vatican consultants are part of a corruption scandal involving city construction contracts. Let us offer a defense of Pope Benedict. He presides over a somber group of men who dress in elaborate costumes and sit quietly with pensive faces as they discuss critical issues such as what the Hell to do with priests involved in sex scandals. It is only fitting that some gay news get into the Vatican which can bring smiles to those worried faces. The fact Pope Benedict is surrounded by men who are corrupt only proves the pontiff is a man of the people. The fact gays surround him on his walks is welcome and cheerful news to all.

We await news of women in the Vatican since it is apparent the men of the cloth simply could use some dresses around to lighten up the mood and get everyone in contact with the real world.

Resist European Union, Says Vatican

The Vatican has decided issues pertaining to abortion or homosexuality are the most critical facing humanity. On the eve of a vote in Ireland on future relations with the European Union, the Vatican has thrown its support in favor of a “no” vote on the Lisbon Treaty. According to Cardinal Bertone, “the EU prescribes its laws or view to them, and they do not have to fit with their traditions and history. Some countries are logically resisting this-for example, Ireland.” Naturally, the most important issue to the Cardinal was, “if Europe recognized homosexual couples as equal to marriage for example, it would go against its own history. And it would be right to stand against it. The church wants to encourage states in this.”

I wonder where the Vatican was when George Bush launched a war based on lies. Didn’t his war policies violate American traditions? Of course, if Bush had been pushing homosexuality, you can bet the Vatican would enter into the debate.

Sex Vs The Church-Who Blinks First?

In the world of Silvio Berlusconi, the only proper material to print about him deals with his love of the Italian people and the Catholic Church. However, when the editor of Italy’s main Catholic newspaper expressed misgivings about the prime minister’s alleged escapades with scantily clad women, the man who places his love of himself as a virtuous individual blew his stack. One of his newspapers branded the author of the story, Dino Boffo, to be a homosexual who was facing a law suit by the man he allegedly was in love with. Boffo, editor of the powerful “Avvenire,” newspaper of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, resigned under the brutal attack from the Berlusconi media empire.

Silvio’s strategy has always been to attack, not to defend. He currently is launching legal action against several European publications in order to silence their criticism of his behavior. There is now evidence of a growing breach between the Vatican and Berlusconi.

Frankly, we are not that concerned about what the Vatican or Berlusconi claim. We would like to hear from the scantily clad women what actually happened during their encounters with the he man of Italy.

Pope Apologizes For Recent Events With Holocaust Denier

Pope Benedict XVI sent a letter to Roman Catholic bishops concerning the recent controversy that was sparked when he readmitted British Bishop Richard Williamson back to the church only to spark a world wide controversy over the Holocaust denier views of the bishop. He admitted the Vatican failed to do its job of checking facts and knowing about the Holocaust views of
Williamson and at least having serious conversations with the man prior to announcing he was being readmitted to the church. Of course, this was only one of several recent incidents in which it appears there is a lack of serious and comprehensive investigation prior to making statements.

No one believes that Pope Benedict is a Holocaust denier, but failure to adequately understand the views of Bishop Williamson resulted in the present controversy. Is one of the problems the lack of differing views among those in the Vatican which can lead to the lack of someone yelling the emperor is without clothes? Perhaps, it is time for the conservative Pope Benedict to include more liberal views among those who daily interact with him on issues.

Politics Of Death In Italy

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi never saw a chance to get his name in the paper that was missed. In a situation that resembled the Bush intervention into the case of a husband who wanted to allow his wife to die in peace, the Italian prime minister said he would fight to keep alive Eluana Englaro who has been in a coma for 17 years and her father decided to abide by her desires and to allow his daughter the dignity of death. His request to have feeding tubes turned off was upheld by the Supreme Court of Italy, but the prime minister decided to intervene. He consulted the Vatican which is vehemently opposed to ending feeding for Ms. Englaro and announced to his nation: “this is murder. I would be failing to rescue her. I’m not a Pontius Pilate.”

Prime Minister Berlusconi topped off his weird statements by claiming it is not right to allow the death of the woman who was in a coma because she is still able to have babies! Doctors continue following the Italian Supreme Court decision which allowed the end of feeding. Surely, this is a decision for the family, not the state nor the church.

Church Wars Rage In United Kingdom

The war over the right of women to become bishops in the Church of England took a new direction when traditionalists warned they might leave the church and seek refuge in the Catholic Church. The Vatican expressed its “regret” over the Church of England decision to allow women to become bishops. The Church of England’s Bishop of Ebbsfleet, Andrew Burnham, who administers to parishes which refuse to go along with the policy of sanctioning the presence of female bishops, asked Pope Benedict XVI for a “magnanimous gesture” which might allow Church of England members to become de facto Catholics.

The Pontifical Council for Christian Unity insisted the idea of women bishops is a “step backward” for the reconciliation of faiths since it breaks with the “apostolic tradition maintained by all churches from the first millenium.”

We are in the year 2008 where the role of women in society has made dramatic changes for the better. A majority of members of the Church of England seek to move forward and not return to earlier days of prejudice against women. It certainly is a matter of debate how Christ would view this issue.

China Seeks Ties With Vatican

China’s head of religious affairs on his current tour of the United States offered to establish ties with the Vatican if the Holy See was prepared to accept certain preconditions. Ye Xiawen, head of the State Administration for Religious Affairs speaking at China’s Embassy in Washington D.C. made it clea: “China’s religious affairs brook no intervention by foreign forces” and claimed his nation respects the right of religious freedom. The two major preconditions for restoring ties were acceptance by the Vatican of the “One China” concept and promises there would not be any attempt by Catholic officials to interfere in the internal affairs of China.

China tells the world it respects religious freedom, but continues its harsh policy against the people of Tibet and the Dalai Lama. Of course, the key issue is the meaning of what constitutes “interference in the internal affairs” of China.