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Italy Goes Along Political Road To Nowhere

Silvio Berlusconi bought himself another electoral victory in Italy because the nation is simply tired of politicians and decided to go along with a right wing egomaniac as the best of all possible choices. Center-Left leader, Walter Veltroni conceded defeat as his party garned 38.2% of the vote to the victor’s 44.9%. It appears at first glance that Berlusconi will be able to govern without relying on votes from smaller parties, but the confusing pattern of voting in Italy sometimes leads to unexpected results when voting is completed for the lower house of parliament. The Northern League Party, which is allied with Berlusconi, scored a rather impressive showing due to its strident anti-immigrant platform.

One piece of news tht helped doom Veltroni was a European Union report which indicates the Spanish economy has now surpassed that of Italy. The question is whether Berlusconi could stimulate the Italian economy even though the last time in office he failed at that effort. When all is said and done, the Italian people were disgusted by their choices and went for a famous man who has money and could use his control over media to get across his message.

Political Fatigued Italians Reluctantly Vote

For the second time in two years Italian voters went to the polls in a general election whose results they expect will not result in any change in their lives nor of the economy of their nation. In many polling stations there was a dramatic drop in the number of people casing ballots due to a widespread disillusionment with the entire political process of their country. In a rather symbolic act, a voter in the city of Sorrento was arrested because he took the oversize ballot paper, tore it into small pieces and ate it as he said: “All the politicians disgust me, I don’t feel represented by anyone.” He was charged with destorying election materials.

Right wing political leader Silvo Berlusconi, Italy’s richest person, has been blamed by many for failing to reform the nation when he did have a large parlimentary majority a few years ago and is now regarded as another political hack whose only interest is power, not significant economic or social change. His major opponent is center-left Walter Veltroni, the former mayor of Rome who has tried depicting himself as someone who will not get into bickering and fighting over power. Most political observers regard the race as tight, but also note none of the candidates really wants to address key issues such as the low rate of economic development and the growing social crisis arising from poverty and increased immigration.

As a voter told reporters, “Both Berlusconi and Prodi were elected with the hope tht they would do something to turn the country aroound, but where do we go from there? It’s a mess.”