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Obama-Bush Light On Venezuela?

Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez is massing troops on his nation’s border with Columbia on ground that the United States and Columbia are preparing to invade his country. He told his nation that war was possible and warned that “if you want peace, prepare for war” and blamed the United States for preparing an invasion designed to take control of Venezuela’s oil. He was alarmed at the agreement signed last month under which US military personnel will be allowed to be present at several Columbian military bases on grounds they are needed to deal with drug traffickers. Once again, America’s outdated policies on drugs only result in tension and the possibility of further violence.

Perhaps, President Obama still has not got the message from the American people that further war was not in their minds when they elected him. There is no logical need to place American forces in a foreign nation knowing there already is tension between two nations. Get them out of harm’s way and allow local military or police units to deal with drug issues.

Of course, if the president really wanted to end the drug problem he would urge making drugs legal and a government monopoly.

Chavez-Mouth That Roars Seeks Opposition Silence

Hugo Chavez preaches solidarity with the working class and argues those with wealth are the exploiters of the nation. After all, the Supreme Leader knows what is best and therefore why allow those who oppose to argue his faults via the media. He ordered the closing of 34 radio stations not because they say things which he does not like, since to admit such an idea would open talk that he is a tyrant. No, “it is not that we have to shut some radio stations, we are implementing the law. We have to put them back in the hands of people and not the bourgeoisie.” Actually, the people of Venezuela are witnessing a crackdown on freedom of expression. The analogy between Chavez and Iranian clerics bears a striking similarity.

It is rare for Hugo, the mouse that roars, to make a speech without referring to “the people.” For some reason, the Chavez family is making millions in the name of “the people.” It is great for people knowing the rich and powerful are being replaced by the rich and powerful.

Hugo Chavez Bellicose About Honduras Coup

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is engaged in never ceasing charges that America intervenes in the affairs of Latin American nations. However, on Sunday he placed Venezuelan troops on alert after his Honduran ally, President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown in a coup by members of the Honduras army. The Venezuelan ambassador was beaten by Honduras troops who were bent on getting rid of a leftist president. Chavez warned if Honduras troops entered his Honduras embassy “the military junta would be entering a defacto state of war.” He naturally accused the CIA of being involved in the overthrow of a leftist reform leader. Most probably, there might well be some validity to his charges, but in the meantime it is doubtful if Venezuela has the military capacity to launch on invasion of Honduras.

Who knows when the CIA is involved in overthrowing Latin American regimes except one would probably not lose much money if you bet on that possibility. It is now necessary for President Obama to conduct an internal investigation to ensure that no branch of the American government took part in the coup. The days of banana republics run by the US Marines have no place in the modern world.

Adios USA, Says Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez never missed an opportunity to attack the United States because for some reason he believes a weak America somehow results in greater power for himself in Latin America. On his visit to Beijing, the Venezuelan president praised China and informed its leaders they were now a world leader and would surpass the United States in power and prestige. “The unipolar world has collapsed. The power of the US empire has collapsed. Every day, the new poles of world power are becoming stronger. Beijing, Tokyo, Tehran… it’s moving towards the East and the South.”

As always, Mr. Chavez makes a point along with revealing his ignorance. Japan is hardly booming these days and it lacks economic, political, and military power to influence world opinion or decisions. He also appears to ignore that China’s adoption of capitalism has sparked its economic development, not weakened it.

Socialism– Hugo Chavez Style — Will It Work?

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has been using large amounts of money generated by the huge surge in oil prices to fund both internal developments in his nation as well as to support other Latin American nations he seeks to bring into his coalition. However, Chavez announced over the weekend that oil prices were dropping almost one third and there was now need for the people of Venezuela to take on the burden of paying for his promises. On one hand, he has been subsidizing state run enterprises, many of which are losing money, on the other hand he needs the continued existence of private enterprise if the nation’s economy is to avoid a collapse. He advocates an economic model in which the government owns business enterprises, there is private enterprise and people at the local level are responsible for shared ownership in some business enterprises.

Chavez shouts to the world: “the new economic model should be based on social ownership of the land, on social ownership of industries, on social ownership of the means of production.” If Chavez follows this model, Venezuela will have an economic collapse, he needs the intelligence and drive of private enterprise, but his rhetoric is frightening them and many will leave along with their skills.

At this point in time, he is creating an economic model centered on oil even as nations of the world are working to curtail their reliance on oil. What happens if they succeed? Where then will be the people of Venezuela?

Israel Urges Venezuela Ruler To Tone Down Anti-Semitism

Hugo Chavez, the populist leader who drapes himself in the mantle of “socialism” advocates very un-socialist ideas by fostering the growth of anti-semitism in his nation. The Israel Foreign Ministry has sought the assistance of other nations which have close ties with Venezuela to urge Chavez that anti-semitism is the wrong tactic which might win a headline in a Muslim nation, but violates the principles he claims to advocate. There is scant doubt Chavez is courting Arab nations and what better way than to allow thugs to attack Jews in Venezuela. Two weeks ago a bomb was thrown at the Jewish Community Center in Caracas and several Jews have been assaulted.

When in doubt raising the banner of anti-semitism is the easiest way to come across to the ignorant as a fighter for their rights. Blame your problems on Jews is certainly the ever present weapon of the demagogue. When it comes to being a demagogue, there are few who can compare to Hugo Chavez.

Chavez– It’s Revolution Time!

Hugo Chavez won a tight race to have the constitution changed in order to allow him to run for the presidency for as long as he lives, and the egotistical leader of Venezuela said that might last until 2049 when he will be 95. The Supreme Leader announced to cheering crowds that those who voted, ‘yes’ “voted for socialism, for revolution.” His margin of victory undoubtedly was based on persuading millions of government workers to vote for him and keep their jobs as well as community organizers who can get out the vote by promising to take the wealth of those on top and redistribute it to the poor. “In 2012, there will be presidential elections,” he told his followers, “and unless God decides otherwise, unless the people decide otherwise, this soldier is already a candidate.”

The road to the future is getting clearer in Venezuela. Chavez will pursue what he terms to be “socialism” but which is in reality, maintaining his power and those of his fellow members of the clique seeking to control the nation’s wealth. A generation of educated young Venezuelans will leave the nation and deprive it of intelligent leadership and those who can generate new wealth for the economy. The Chavez rule depends on oil and if other alternative sources are discovered, Venezuela is headed for a massive bankruptcy.

Those who voted from a sense of emotion will experience in the years to come the pang of asking, “why did I vote for this clown?”

Chavez Faces Growing Opposition In Venezuela

President Hugo Chavez won an election that he hoped guaranteed him a lifetime position as president of Venezuela and a promise he would never again have to be pestered by those who believe a democratic society needs honest elections and an end to one man rule. He obtained 54% of the vote, but the opposition recorded its largest level when over 5,000,000 voted against the boss of their country whose obsession with power and control is overwhelming. Opposition leaders noted there was extensive propaganda supporting a “yes” vote to change the constitution to allow unlimited terms of office as president while the “no” vote was less advertised. Chavez was able to use his control of government to pour money into projects that would benefit certain sectors of society and he demonized the opposition.

President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, emerged from working class and has always regarded himself as a man of the people. He has always supported democratic procedures and made clear to the world what he thought about the election in Venezuela. His advisor noted the president believes, “the opposition obtained an excellent result and that shows at least that….. the country is obviously divided.”

Unfortunately, Chavez wants the nation to be divided so he can play poor against rich and stir up emotions that will undoubtedly result in further curtailing of freedom in his nation.

Venezuela Police Arrest Synagogue Attackers

The increasing anti-American and anti-Israel attitude of the government of Hugo Chavez has been translated into growing anti-semitism in a nation that historically has not been known to have such feelings. Seven Venezuelan police agents and four civilians have been arrested in connection with a serious attack on a synagogue which many Jews in the nation believe was encouraged by statements of their president. Originally, Chavez claimed the attack was an attempt by smear his name by members of opposition parties, but it is now clear the violence came from his supporters. Ironically, one of the policeman once worked as a bodyguard for a rabbi.

In one sense, the Jews of Venezuela are caught in the middle of growing hatred towards Israel which arose during the vicious attack on Gaza. If a right wing Israeli government takes power this month, we can expect further outbreaks of anti-semitism in the world.

Pompous Chavez Pouts For Power

Hugo Chavez was told by a large number of his Venezuelan citizens in last week’s local elections of their disappointment in his policies and his drive for complete power. As oil prices drop and the revenue he has been using to bribe his way to friendships all over Latin America begins to drop, the egomaniac leader is once again pushing to change the constitution so he can remain in power forever and a day. “I’m ready to be with you until 2021,” he told the nation, and, of course, when 2021 arrives, he will be ready to serve another ten years because his goals have nothing to do with enriching the lives of Venezuelans–it’s all about his personal quest for power. Least year the referendum to allow him to serve and serve was defeated and last week even poor sections of the capital rejected his party.

The people of Venezuela want a democracy. Hugo Chavez, may in the past have desired to create a more democratic society, but power corrupts, and his continuance in office is merely an example of furthering his personal corruption as he strives to create a corrupt government whose only real agenda is –POWER.