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Confusion Over Provisions Of New GI Bill

The recently passed bill that guarantees veterans a modern version of the GI Bill of Rights apparently contains some errors of omission that must be corrected. The office of Senator Jim Webb of Virginia who pushed for the bill expressed surprise to learn the bill will not take effect until August 1, 2009 since it was the senator’s assumption the bill would immediately go into effect for this academic year. However, the Pentagon says there is no retroactive provision to allow such an action. The bill also raises a problem for those veterans currently enrolled in the Montgomery Bill which requires them to make a contribution to their education. There is no provision allowing those veterans to immediately switch over to the new bill which pays all tuition plus provides for living expenses.

We assume Congress will take swift action to remedy these problems in order to ensure all veterans of the opportunity this fall of enrolling in a new GI Bill of Rights. They have earned this right and minor errors should immediately be corrected. We are surprised the new bill does not contain the old bill’s provision allowing those seeking skill training to receive benefits. That is a needed provision of a revised bill.

Saga Of Repayment Story For Wounded Soldiers Continues!

The sad story of what happened to private Jordan Fox continues to unravel despite Pentagon efforts to bury their mistake. The Department of Defense today stated unequivocally that military personnel wounded in action would not have to repay any portion of their enlistment bonus and claimed the letter to Private Fox was a clerical error. However, Senator Schumer of New York claims similar letters were sent to other wounded soldiers indicating this was a policy, not a clerical mistake. Furthermore, Jordan Fox pointed out a week after receiving the first letter another one came threatening that interest would be charged if he didn’t repay the money. Senator Schumer is going to push for a Veterans Guaranteed Bonus Act to prevent such further “mistakes.”

If an unbiased observer reviewed what has happened to protection of veterans and fighting men and women since Democrats gained control of Congress he/she would discover that dramatic efforts have been made to safeguard military rights. The Democrats pushed through a 3.5% raise in pay despite opposition from Bush who claimed it was excessive, spouses of wounded soldiers are now protected against being fired if they must take time off to care for their spouse, and funding has been raised for Post Traumatic Stress treatment. Yet, right wing groups like Fox News continue claiming Democrats are not “supporting our fighting men and women.”

If anyone reading this story wants further information about rights of wounded military personnel they can contact: 1-800 984-8523.