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New Law Proects Families Of Wounded Military From Losing Jobs

A new law speeding its way through Congress protects spouses, parents, children and next of kin of a member of the military who suffers serious injury while on active duty. They now will be entitled to up to six months of unpaid leave to care for the wounded soldier or veteran and can not be fired. The bill was attached to the legislation which expands child medical insurance that President Bush has vowed to vet.

There are two important pieces of legislation coming to President Bush who complains Congress isn’t doing anything — one protecting kin of wounded soldiers and one to ensure children are protected against illness. Chances are highly likely he will veto them.

War Protestor Returns Medals To Rumsfeld

A veteran of the Iraq War announced to a war protest rally that he had sent his combat medals to former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld because he felt participation in the war was wrong. Josh Gaines told everyone he was proud to be an American and explained in a letter to Rumsfeld why serving in Iraq had been wrong and in opposition to what he believed were American values.

There are no reports of Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney or George Bush returning any medals, given they never earned any such citations.