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Spirit Of National Service Emerging In America?

During the past thirty years, Republicans have adhered to the ideas of their favorite president, Ronald Reagan, who embraced the concept that selfishness was the prime human directive. The Obama administration is attempting to rekindle a spirit of national service which is essential in order to restore a sense of community to the nation. The Senate approved a new Veterans Corps which would allow individuals to volunteer in order to assist the transition from military to civilian life of those who have served the nation in our armed forces. The success of HR 1388 will be measured by the number of veterans who are encouraged to attend college or helped in getting jobs or assisted to escape the ravages of homelessness.

The bill is simply one small measure of a broader need in America to end decades of encouraging narcissistic behavior in which the individual saw him or herself as the center of the universe with no thought of others. The Senate bill is one of several that enables people to volunteer in areas such as education and health.