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Gender Bias In Swedish Veterinary Colleges

A Swedish court ruled there was evidence of gender bias in universities that offer programs in veterinary science. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has a lottery system which is stacked to assist male applicants to be given a slot in the veterinary program. The rationale behind this gender bias is that since more women than men apply for the program it results in the occupation being overly represented by women. Therefore, according to this logic, it is only fair to give preference to male applicants in order to raise the ratio of males to females in the field of veterinary science.

This is an interesting theory which might be applied to other occupations. As far as I know there are not female members of the NBA or NFL which results in these occupations being 100% male in composition. Of course, we could begin at the beginning and compel all male college football and basketball teams to allocate spots for female applicants. In this way, we can assure gender equality in all aspects of sports. Hopefully, one of Michael Jordan’s daughters could make the Chicago Bull team. Wow, finally gender equity in sports!