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It’s Joe And Me Says Barack!

Senator Barack Obama has finally decided on his choice for running mate and the outcome is selection of Senator Joe Biden from Delaware to be the Democratic Party nominee for vice president. Biden brings to the ticket years of experience in his role as chairperson of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as well as work on numerous other Senate bodies such as the Judiciary Committee. Those who provided the Obama campaign with their telephone numbers received information via means of a text message. Barack Obama has insisted he wanted a running mate who had experience and would stand up for views even though they differed from his own.

The choice of Joe Biden will be greeted with surprise by many young supporters of Barack Obama. They were anticipating a running mate who somehow broke from the traditional choice of a Washington D.C. veteran or who was female. Joe Biden is a man who came from the working class and who has always fought for liberal ideas, but one must also admit he does not offer strength in coming from a state that would be crucial in the election. It is an interesting but confusing selection.