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Which Figures Are Right About Afghan Air Strike

The body count war has now begun in Afghanistan in which the US military disputes exactly how many were killed in an operation. During the Vietnam War, each day there would be a body count as to how many Vietcong were killed and if reports indicated American forces made mistakes the invariable response would be the Viet Cong did the killing and now were blaming Americans. Perhaps, it is true the Taliban killed people in the village and then blamed their deaths on American air strikes. Perhaps, it is true the villagers did not know that Taliban grenades were killing them rather than bombs from the air. There are many, “perhaps” in the air, but the bottom line is that over a hundred villagers are dead.

The reality is there are insufficient ground forces operating in Afghanistan to deal with a guerrilla war. The reality is one does not win a guerrilla war relying on air strikes. Isn’t it time the American people faced up to the reality there are not enough members of the armed forces to carry out operations in Asia? The choice is clear — either more soldiers are recruited or there is a dramatic reduction in the scope of operations in the Middle East and Asia.

Afghan Civilian Deaths Confirmed In Bombing

Representatives from the International Red Cross confirmed that a bombing attack by American plane resulted in the deaths of dozens of civilians including women and children. Photos obtained by the Associated Press showed villagers burying the dead while others worked through rubble in search of other bodies. International Red Cross spokesperson, Jessica Barry said: “there were bodies, there were graves, and there were people burying bodies when we were there. We did confirm women and children.” Villagers claimed they placed women, children and the elderly in several compounds to protect them from fighting between Coalition/US forces and the Taliban. For some reason, the compounds were blasted by American planes.

The increased strength of the Taliban leads inevitably to the use of air attacks called in by American and Coalition forces who feel overwhelmed. President Karzai of Afghanistan has been complaining for months these air attacks only result in providing support for the Taliban since villagers can not understand whey they suffer when fighting breaks out.