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Violence Normal Event In Life Of Turkish Woman

Recent figures revealed by the Directorate General on the Status of Women(KSGM) in Turkey reveal a high incidence of violence in their daily lives. It is estimated about forty two percent of Turkish women at some point become targets pf physical and sexual violence. According to the report, “Violence Against Women in Turkey Study,” one in ten encounter violence while they are pregnant. One in four married women who have experienced violence are compelled to seek medical attention for their injuries. One in three women who have been the object of violence by spouse or boy friend will at some point attempt suicide. One in every five women, married or single, faces violence from their relatives, their husbands’ relatives or at school or in the workplace.

The figures for Turkish women undoubtedly are the same for women in other parts of the world. Turkey is a growing modern society which seeks to become integrated within the European Union in the coming years. If they achieve that goal, it will be necessary to make changes in Turkish laws in order to protect women. Will Turkish men be prepared for such an eventuality?