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Chinese Version- Happy Campers Celebrating In Urumqi

As always, in Communist China, there are no problems, just people having some fun and in the process a few get injured. The Chinese media is making certain their nation receives plenty of stories and pictures of happy and loving Han and Uighurs working together in a city under conflict due to the actions of a few malcontent Hans and Uighurs. Over 200 are probably dead and thousands wounded, but to the Chinese media, it is best to look at the bright side, there are millions of people who never became involved in any rioting. For some reason, this minor affair caused President Hu Jintao to hurriedly leave a major meeting of world leaders, skip a meeting with President Obama and cancel a state trip to Portugal. The departure reveals Chinese leaders were surprised by the extent of the violence, and divided on how to handle still another outbreak of ethnic anger.

The reality is that Han residents of the capital city feel safe, but Uighurs are remaining inside their homes and keeping children from school due to fear they will be attacked by Han hooligans. According to local Communist party chief, U Zhi, “A handful of Han attackd Uighurs and there were a handful of Uighurs who attacked Han.” Now, that the handful of peace disturbers are in jail, everything has returned to joyous happiness in the happy land of Communist China.

Hundreds Probably Dead In Xinjiang Region Of China

China’s policy of encouraging Han residents to head west into Xinjiang province or populate the region of Tibet was bound to eventually result in a backlash from local residents who are gradually finding themselves a minority in their own country. There were numerous confrontations between native Uighurs and Han settlers which resulted in the death of many Hans by angry Uighurs. Latest reports indicate mobs of Hans armed with clubs and chains are surging through Urumqi yelling “Attack Uighurs,” and “Defend Stability, protect the motherland.” The Hans argue they were attacked by the Uighurs and now it is time to repay them with violence. The local Communist party chief, Wang Lequan, warned the struggle was far from over and new violence should be expected.

Among the protests were hundreds of Uighurs, mostly women and children, who were demanding release of their fathers and brothers. Authorities have imprisoned about 1,400 people, and most probably are Uighurs. The Chinese government blames Rebiya Kadeer, leader of the exiled World Uighur Congress for instigating the violence. Chinese authorities believe the goal of Uighur leaders is to create an independent nation and leave China.

For some reason, unlike the violence in Tibet, the Chinese government is offering more extensive freedom for the media to report what is happening. Perhaps, the next step is for China to offer greater local self government to regions like the Uighurs or Tibetans.

We should not ignore that Xinjiang covers a sixth of China and contains oil, gas, and coal deposits.

Iraq Pullout Or A Moment Of Freedom Before Return?

American troops have withdrawn from the streets of Iraq cities, but the beat of violence goes on and on. The pullout was celebrated by al-Qaeda and other militants with a twenty four gun salute of bombs that left 33 dead in Kirkuk and 92 wounded. Iraq had a holiday to hail the event, but for some reason militants believed that meant they had permission to bomb at will. Prime Minister Maliki said it was “an offence to the Iraqis” to believe that once foreign troops left the cities, there would even more violence. President Obama warned “make no mistake, there will be difficult days ahead. We know that violence in Iraq will continue.” Words of warning or a statement about the future?

The violence has everything and nothing to do with the presence of American troops in cities. Prime Minister Maliki has failed to integrate Sunnis into either his government or the armed forces. The success of the Awakening Councils has ended because Maliki has refused to work with its leaders in a new coalition of concerned Iraqis. There will be violence until Maliki gets serious about uniting the nation.

General Odierno Blames Iran For Iraq Violence

On the last day of American occupation of Iraq cities four American soldiers were killed in Iraq. General Ray Odierno places blame for much of violence in Iraq on the head of Iran. “Iran is still supporting, funding and training surrogates, who operate inside Iraq.” He complained they have refused to stop and he saw no prospect of their halting these attacks. There is no question that Iran plays a hand in Iraq violence, but to only look in that direction for an explanation of ongoing killing misses the point that, when all is said and done, Iraqis do not need Iran to kill one another. Prime Minister Maliki has done a terrible job of integrating Sunni Awakening Councils into the military and in so doing strengthens the ability of al-Qaeda to secure new recruits.

Ironically, the Iraq government has welcomed aid from Iran, most probably on the assumption they can control what happens in their country. Given the current instability within Iran we can expect more violence in Iraq as the struggle within the Iranian government plays out.

Troubled Teen Age German Girl Halted In Time!

Tanja Otto is a dark haired attractive sixteen year old German girl who attends a high school near Bonn. A fellow student happened to enter the girl’s bathroom when she stumbled on Otto getting ready to launch an attack on students and teachers in the school. Tanja lunged at the girl and severed her thumb with a knife before fleeing from the school in a desperate effort to either kill herself or carry out plans for violence. She was either captured by police or turned herself in, but when police checked her rucksack they discovered: several knives, a tear gas pistol, 10 Molotov cocktails, a flame thrower and some gunpowder. The parcel also has a suicide note from the troubled young girl.

It appears last week, Otto threatened to attack the school although teachers described her as a “good student.” Of course, in many cases of such attacks the student is described as good in academic studies. Right now, the main concern of authorities is fear that Tanja may try to commit suicide.

The unanswered question is how any student could carry into the school the arsenal of weapons found in the rucksack of Ms. Otto. Didn’t anyone notice she was carrying a rather large load for a student who only had some books to carry? The good news is no one is dead, including Ms. Otto.

Has America’s Drug Policy Failed?

If an alien anthropologist ever visited planet Earth the among the most baffling issues it would encounter is our policy toward use of drugs. Alcohol or smoking are legal even though they both give “highs” to people as are many drugs such as Prozac, but drugs like marijuana are illegal because they give “highs” to people. The Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy issued a blistering report on drug policies now functioning in this hemisphere. It cites the prohibitionist policy of forbidding drugs has wrecked havoc throughout the region generating crime, violence and corruption on a massive scale. The only comparable event was the American experiment with Prohibition which made liquor illegal.

The prohibitionist approach simply has not worked. Mexico is a nation nation caught up in a a virtual civil war in which the criminals can out-gun the police. It is time to approach the problem in a realistic manner and allow people to access drugs legally and with possibilities of receiving medical assistance for their drug use.

Death And Destruction In Uganda-Anyone Care?

During the past decade the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has carved a path of death and destruction through the nation of Uganda including kidnapping thousands of children and making them soldiers in an army that frequently as part of an initiation ceremony compels children to kill their own parents. The Uganda government reports the LRA has murdered 537 people and kidnapped 408 others in their latest violent attacks. About 104,000 people have been forced to flee for their lives. Ron Redmond, the UN Commissioner for Refugees, says, “amy f these internally displaced people are still hiding in the bush” fearing the LRA will either kill them or take their children.

There are no reports of mass demonstrations in any European, Middle Eastern or Asian city over the mass slaughter of Ugandans. One can only assume their deaths don’t rate the 6:00 p.m. news. I wonder why?s

A Modern Christmas Tale

The family was gathered for a Christmas gathering, there was laughter and songs and stories being told, but suddenly there came a knock on the door. A little girl ran anxiously to the knock, flung it open and there was Santa all dressed in red. However, instead of a merry Christmas from his mouth, a gun appeared and the girl was shot in the face. Santa then went into the house blazing away, shooting indiscriminately at those he once had loved and with whom he had shared joy. As people fled the house shouting in fear, Santa sprayed a liquid which set fire to the house. Bruce Pardo had just gone through a rough divorce and decided to use the holiday season to stage his rampage of hate. In the end, he got out of his Santa suit, drove to the house of his brother and killed himself. Police found eight bodies in the house as they arrived with firemen to put out the blaze.

It was just another Christmas tale. The holiday season brings millions together in love, but it also appears to unleash the forces of hate and anger. A few days before Christmas, Pope Benedict took the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ to launch a vicious attacks on gays and lesbians, surely not the time or place to utter words of hate. In the Christian nation of Zimbabwe, a mad man named Robert Mugabe holds millions hostage to his hate and children are starving. The force of love is always present at Christmas, but why does the force of hate show its face?

Jewish Settlers Fire Into Unarmed Palestinians

An Israel human rights group released footage which shows Jewish settlers in Hebron shooting at unarmed Palestinians. Israel police had forced settlers to evacuate a house which resulted in fighting between the settlers and police, but the settlers were not content with merely attacking their own police, but attacked innocent Palestinian bystanders. The video footage shows a settler shooting at Hosni Bua Se’ifan and his father who both were wounded. Palestinians grabbed the gun and turned the shooter over to the police. A question is why police were not able to prevent settlers from running wild through the streets of Hebron attacking people.

Robert Serry, the UN Midle East coordinator, said, “I condemn the ensuing violence and attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians.” Of course, on the plus side, Israeli police acted against their own people in attempting to curb violence. How many Arab police forces would protect Jewish civilians. It is time to close down Israel settlements on the West Bank and restore the area to its rightful owners– Palestinians.

Jewish Settlers Defame Judaism By Violence

There are fanatics in every religion who believe they alone know what God seeks from humanity and for some reason, God in their view wants hate and war. A group of Jews have established themselves in the city of Hebron determined to cause trouble by expressing their bigoted words in ways that can only result in conflict with Muslims. These so-called “settlers” have hurled stones and debris at Palestinians, and desecrated graves. One can only assume they are not familiar with expressions of anti-semitism in the world in which Jewish graves have received such violence. Defense Minister Ehud Barak made clear to the settlers they must evacuate a building and cease creating turmoil in the city.

Settlers claim they purchased the building from a Palestinian who admits considering the sale but says he never went through with it. The Israel Supreme Court has upheld military action to compel evacuation of the building. Israel can not allow these terrorists to hold their nation as a hostage to their desires for conflict and violence. They must not only evacuate the building but any area in which Palestinians live.