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Seen The Virgin Mary Recently?

For some reason the Virgin Mary appears to some people and not to others. For years I have been upset the Virgin Mary never appears to we Jews even though she most probably was born and raised a Jew. Dubliner Joe Coleman is the latest person who has made contact with someone up in the sky and around 15,000 of his followers are gathering at the Knock Shrine to see a vision or, at least, what passes for a vision these days. The Catholic Church is quite upset at these unauthorized “sightings” since they already have a monopoly on what can or can not be seen up in the sky. Clergy fear that on December 8, the feast time of the Immaculate Conception, a crowd of thousands will gather to see the blessed Virgin Mary when she descends from Heaven. Mr. Coleman has assured one and all there will be a message from Mary since he is now her appointed conduit to the human race.

According to reports people are seeing things in the sky. What bothers me is how come Catholic angels can float around the sky but we never see any Jewish or Muslim ones. I guess it’s the luck of the Irish when it comes to Virgin Marys and angels.

Busty Virgin Mary Models Upsets Church

A prominent Chilean fashion designer sparked an outrage in Chile by dressing up models like the Virgin Mary and allowing some to display their breasts in all their naked prominence. The Catholic Church in Chile is furious over the planned fashion show in which young women will display clothes and breasts. According to Ricardo Oyarzun, he was merely displaying some beautiful women, and some, will have a halo over their head to emphasize their religious virtues. “There is no pornography here, there’s no sex, there are no virgins menstruating or feeling each other up,” just clean wholesome beauty being shown to the world.

Of course, no one has any actual pictures of what the Virgin Mary looked like or whether or not she had ample breasts. Why do people consider beauty to be synonymous with sex? From what accounts indicate there are no sexual acts. Unfortunately, no one can ask the Virgin Mary her views on such body displays.

I would be more impressed if the Chile Catholic Church became outraged at the picture of starving children in Zimbabwe or dead ones in Gaza.