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Virginity Pledge Like A Car Salesman Pledge

Sarah Palin made clear to America this fall, she stands solidly behind her daughter who pledged to remain a virgin until marriage. It now appears, her daughter’s pledge was no different than most young girls who promise to adhere to virginity until on the marriage bed. A new report from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health reveals teenagers in America who pledge to remain virgins until marriage as just as likely to have premarital sex as those who do not take the pledge. However, pledgers are significantly less likely to use condoms and other forms of birth control. According to Janet Rosenbaum, author of the report: “Taking a pledge doesn’t seem to make any difference at all in any sexual behavior. But, it does seem to make a difference in condom use and other forms of birth control that is quite striking.”

Pledgers use condoms 10% less than do honest teenagers who refuse to make any promises and will take life as it comes. In this day and age of the need to use federal money in wise ways, hopefully, President Obama will suggest ending the spending of $258 million a year to urge pledge taking. How many people can get free medical insurance with the $258 million?