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Chicago Style Voting In Afghanistan

An “election” was held in Afghanistan a few days ago and its results undoubtedly bring joy to the hearts of all dead political leaders who used to stuff ballots in Chicago or New Jersey or Pittsburgh. The Election Complaints Commission(ECC) already has received 225 complaints about voter intimidation, ballot stuffing and violence as well as interference by local police authorities. Correspondents for the British The Independent witnessed fraud at a polling station where officials claimed 1,200 showed up to vote but independent witnesses only saw a few dozen people actually vote.

Naturally, President Karzai hailed his apparent victory and dismissed complaints as due to “losing candidates often try to justify their loss this way.” Then again, “winning candidates” often try to justify their “victory” this way. Abdullah Abdullah, who was thought to constitute an electoral threat to incumbent Hamid Karzai, is convinced there was widespread manipulation of the election to ensure Karzai won.

Lost in the squabble over the fairness or accuracy of the election was the reality half the population really did not participate in any election– women! How can an election reflect a nation’s feelings if half the people were not allowed to vote?

Election Russian Style-Fraud, Bribery, Pressure

Russian voters and opposition parties complained of ballot stuffing, bribery and intimidation in Sunday’s presidential election in which Kremin backed candidate Dimitry Medvedev won a landslide victory. Golos, the oly independent Russian monitoring group said that a majority of the violations occurred not at the ballot box, but rather in the run-up to the election and during the tallying of votes. Numerous voters and observers called the Golos hotline to report incidents of ballots being stuffed ahead of the vote. Lila Shibanova of Golos said it was difficult to distinguish repeat voters and this was commonly done during course of the voting.

An observer, Roman Udot, said he peered through the slots of the sealed ballot boxes at a polling station and saw neatly stacked ballots, despie the fact voting had not yet begun. He took a picture of the stacked ballots and posted it on his blog, romanik.livejournalcom. Doctors at two hospitals were told to keep patients at the hospital an extra day so they could vote — and naturally cast their ballots the right way.

Everyone knew Medvedev would win, but the Putin government had to make certain the vote total was high enough so they could boast of an overwhelming victory for the nondescript candidate.

Do Round Numbers Reflect Vote Fraud In Russia?

During a recent press conference a French reporter asked President Putin how it was possible for his United Russia party to capture nearly 100% of the vote in December’s election in Chechnya, a Russian reporter jumped in to exclaim 10 of his family members had voted for United Russia. Two bloggers who examined December’s election results found a disproportionate number of polling stations reporting round numbers– that is numbers ending in zero and five–both for voter turnout and the final United Russia figures. The analysis by chemist Maxim Pshenchnikov and LiveJournal blogeer nicknamed Podmoskovnik offer mathematicval proof of either election fraud or extemely anomalous voter behavior. According to Konstantin Sonin, an economist, “it is a study that explicitly demonstrates that the results were manipulated.”

The blogger analysis says disributioin of numbers appears normal until it hits the figure of 51% which at time it begins reporting round numbers. United Russia received 89% of the vote at 633 polling stations but 927 stations reported 90% figures. They found spikes that concide in several round number including 75%, 80% and 90%. Their conclusion is the United Party should have received 63% of the vote and obtained 277 sets instead of the 300 needed for a constitutional majority.

Far be it for this blog to interpret this report as constituting any form of voter fraud on the part of the Putin government. We failed math in college and must abide by the mathematical conclusions of United Russia that all good things end in round numbers.

Pakistan Official Unwittingly Reveals Vote Rigging Plan

Pakistan President Musharraf has spoken bluntly against any attempt to claim vote fraud after the upcoming parliamentary elections. He promised vigorous action against any who try denying the legality of whatever is the outcome of the elections. However, through an inadvertent error, Pakistan’s attorney general, Abdul Malik Qayyum, has been captured on tape discussing planned vote fraud. His voice was caught telling a friend about Musharraf plans for victory by his own party. “They will massively rig to get their own people to win. If you can get a ticket from these guys, take it.” The attorney general denied the story claiming, “the conversation is clearly fabricated and cannot be denounced in strong words.”

Human Rights Watch stands by the accuracy of the story. It was made by a journalist who was talking with Qayyum when their conversation was interrupted by a phone call. The opposition Pakistan People’s Party of Benazir Bhutto said it was “profoundly shocked” byt the tape.

Pakistan in the coming weeks may well experience several severe confrontations if the PPP loses the election since currently polls indicate it will receive aroound 50% of the vote. What happens if vote tallies come up with a dramatic reversal?

Butto Party Pledges To Remove Musharraf

BabarAwan, a key leader of the Pakistan People’s Party, vowed his party would initiate procedures to remove President Musharraf from office. “the oouster of Musharraf will put Pakistan back on the track of real democracy.” Bhutto’s husband, party leader Asif Ali Zardari, had previously left open the issue as to whether his group would work with Musharraf or seek to get rid of him. Recent poll figures indicate the PPP is well ahead in parliamentary races and may even gain a majority of votes. Awan’s comments came one day after President Musharraf warned opposition parties not to claim election fraud and attempt demonstrations in protest of the vote count.

It is interesting that President Musharraf has already derided poll figures and urged his followers not to pay attention to “foreign pollsters.” Ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif rejected Musharraf’s comments and pledged to organize nation wide protests if there is any evidence of vote fraud. His party believes Musharraf will attempt to rig the elections, much as President Kibaki did in Kenya.

A United States funded poll by the International Repulican Institute found at least half of Pakistan voters supporting the PPP while only 14% favored Musharraf’s PML-Q. By early next week there will be riots in Pakistan or peace. It all depends on whether or not President Musharraf accepts the will of the Pakistan people.

Kenya Impasse Continues As Kibaki Dodges Peace

Joh Kufor, Presdent of Ghana, flew out of Kenya after failing to persuade President Kibaki to engage in meaningful negotiations with opposition leaders. There is no doubt vote manipulation was common in the past election and no time was allowed between the final vote tallies and the hurried installation of Kibaki as president to ensure vote tallies were accurate. The Orange Democratic Movement has promised to organize countrywide demonstrations against Kibaki’s illegal government. Former UN head, Kofi Annan, also from Ghana is organizing a delegation of prominent African leaders to serve as a force for mediation.

Kibaki is digging in his heels because he knows the vote is a fraud. Over twenty of his own ministers lost their seats in parliament, but he continuals to insist his vote count was accurate. His only offer is some type of “dialogue” but for which purposes, he alone knows. It may well be necessary to impose sanctions and force Kibaki to accept mediatioin from fellow African leaders.

It would be wonderful if African leaders displayed as much interest in democracy in Zimbabwe where Mugabe makes Kibaki come across as a leader of democracy.

Kenya Election A Fraud Claims Election Official!

Samuel Kivultu, chair of Keyna’s Electoral Commission admitted there was fraud in the election and that he had been pressured to declare President Kibaki the winner. “I do not know whether Kibaki won the election,” said the commissioner who insisted, “we are culprits as a commission. We have to leave it to an independent group to investigate what actually went on.” In the meantime, hundreds of people are dead as groups opposing the stolen election demonstrate in the streets. A church that burned led to the death of over thirty children whose families had taken refuge in the building to avoid angry demonstrators. Government spokesman, Alfred Mutua, said the government would not accept mediation because the results were in and President Kibaki had won re-election.

After stealing the election, President Kibaki now offers “dialogue” to his opponents. The people of Kenya want something else– an honest count of all votes. The solution does not require any discussion, it necessitates an independent group coming in which will carefully review all votes tabulated in the election in order to determine who actually won it. Kibaki, apparently, does not want such a scenario. He prefers claiming victory and then having his opponents come to him and seek his forgiveness for their violent behavior. Kibaki, like most criminals, wants to shift attention away from the crime and onto the reaction to the crime. There are reports that South African leader Desmond Tutu is on his way to Kenya in order to offer his mediation talents. The opposition does not seek mediation, they prefer honesty.