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Who Is Sarah Palin And Is She Fit To Be VP?

I write as the father of four children, two of whom I single parented from the time they were three and two until I remarried when they were ten and nine. The personal life of Sarah Palin is of no interest to me and sexual activities of members of the family are a family matter as far as I am concerned. But, there is a question of how an adult establishes priorities which does loom on the horizon about the governor of Alaska. As a single parent I turned down writing at least two books and numerous articles because my first priority were the two young children. In the real world of concern for children, parents refuse to do things because the interests and needs of their children take priority. The decision by Governor Palin to run for the vice presidency knowing her daughter was pregnant and that information would be made public throughout the world, says something about how Mrs. Palin makes decisions. How could any parent subject their seventeen year old daughter to becoming a media event? Who is Sarah Palin?

Let me be clear about one point. Her daughter Bristol did nothing “wrong.” She did what millions of adolescent boys and girls do– engage in sex. I am shocked Mrs. Palin refuses to denounce right wing foul mouthed hypocrites like the dean of the law school at Liberty University who exclaimed, “we’re all sinners.” Bristol is NOT a sinner! She most probably is a neat young lady who has good morals. But, her mother will allow the yahoos and bigots to crucify her daughter due to fear of losing votes. Who is Sarah Palin?

The entire incident also raises serious questions about decision making on the part of John McCain. He was told last week the daughter was pregnant and went ahead with offering the VP position to Sarah Palin. Didn’t the senator from Arizona spend at least a few moments thinking about the seventeen year old girl who will be humiliated and subject to ongoing outbursts of nastiness for the next few years?

Not only has Senator McCain displayed insensitivity but poor judgement in selecting an individual who is engaged in an investigation known in Alaska as “Troopergate.” How can John McCain claim he has executive ability when he makes such a terrible mistake, not merely about asking Governor Palin to be his VP, but failing to protect an innocent seventeen year old girl from public humiliation.

Who is Sarah Palin? We sure know who Senator McCain is?