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Peace Not Violence In Tibet Urges Chinese Dissident

Wang Lixiong, who has fought for Tibet rights over the years urged his government to recognize their policies to demonize the Dalai Lama and impose Chinese culture on Tibet have failed. Wang, and a group of writers, scholars, artists and lawyers, signed a petition calling on the Chinese government to tone down the rhetoric of anger against Tibet rebels and deal directly with Tibetan leaders in a peaceful manner. He fears “too many people are being inspired by propaganda now to hate the Tibertan people.” Wang Lixiong may be among the few Chinese dissidents who actually have met and talked with the Dalai Lama. He points out that Tibetan leaders are seeking local autonomy, not independence.

China is no longer a weak nation, it stands astride the world as a powerful force in modern times. Perhaps, the present generation of leaders are unable to escape the anger, fear, and uncertainty of life when China struggled in poverty to gain respect. Chinese leaders would become powerful figures to emulate if they entered into peaceful dialogue with Tibetans and created a new model of autonomy for ethnic groups within their nation.