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Ahmadinejad Talks About Talking About Peace

The war of words, threats, and intriguing scenarios continues to bedazzle Middle Eastern observers as they ponder what might happen in the region. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad added further confusion by stating on Iran TV he might even be open to the idea of bilateral talks with the United States over current problems. “We will hold talks with the United States if they come to us on an equal footing. Equal footing means that when two people want to talk both have to be on equal terms. Dialogue doesn’t make any sense if one side stands in a higher position and the other in a lower position.”At present neither nation has diplomatic ties with the other and the Bush administration has made clear it will not enter into any discussions with Iran without a prior agreement Iran will cease nuclear development leading to weapons.

Each time the United States makes provocative remarks toward Iran, there usually is a countering statement or demonstration of military capabilities. Each time Iran boasts it has military capability, the United States or Israel provides the world a demonstration of military prowess. Perhaps, lost in the exchange of threats is the possibility we are witnessing a game of “you can’t threaten me.” Perhaps, neither side really wants words to be translated into war.

The Ahmadinejad statement makes clear no change will occur in current disputes between the United States an Iran until a new president sits in the Oval office.