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Israeli Official Guilty Of War Crimes?

A British court was ready to have a warrant issued that would allow the arrest of former Israel Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni because she was a member of the Cabinet when the invasion of Gaza occurred. The issue of who is or is not a “war criminal” appears to be idiosyncratic as far as leftists are concerned. First, Tzipi Livni worked for peace in the Middle East and supported efforts of former prime minister Omert to reach out to Palestinians by being ready to end further construction of housing settlements on the West Bank. Is she a perfect person who is innocent of any evil, probably not? But, if being guilty of war crimes is truly a concern of leftists, how come none have gone to a British court and secured warrants for Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe or George Bush or Dick Cheney or Don Rumsfeld?

Then again, we could throw in Tony Blair and current British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. And, heading for a court date could be the entire Chinese government, a good hunk of the Pakistan government, etc…