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Dueling Banjoes About Iraq

The Dixie Chicks apparently have aroused the anger of those who see in Iraq and Afghanstan a modern crusade for liberty and democracy.Their song, “Now Ready To Make Nice” led Major Deryl Michael and his friend Tim Hernandez, to go on the offense by composing a song in rebuttal. Their song, “No Ready To End The Fight” is now being sung on radio stations around the country. They deliberately sought out someone, “it didn’t have to be a Marine, but it had to be someone in the military who had already been to Iraq and Afghanistan to lend credibility to the song.” They uncovered Cpl. David Thibodeaux and his voice now carries theier tune to all parts of the nation.

If the criteria for writing or singing a song about war is that one must have been involved in the war many of the great songs of the past will have to be scrapped. One can only wonder if their next song will be, “It’s A Long Way From Tibet To Broadway.” Oh, if Major Michael is looking for a good tap dancer, all he has to do is call the White House.