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Obama Language Of Peace And Conflict Resolution

For eight years under the Bush administration the United States has been engaged in a “war against terrorism.” The word “terrorism” does not indicate a specific group or entity, but is an abstraction like saying we are “waging a war against crime.” President Obama has begun the process of switching from the aggressive language of Bush towards a language of peace and reconciliation. Only once has the new president used the expression “terrorism” and that was part of a sentence that listed forces to be confronted. The Bush language came across to the American people as though the United States was engaged in a war against Muslims since “terrorism” was only associated with that group. At no point did Bush refer to the brutality in Zimbabwe or the death of five million in the Congo as examples of “terrorism.”

Obama made his first television interview on a Muslim TV station and talked about seeking to find peaceful ways to dealing with issues. He understands the power of words in transforming views of listeners. The aggressive tone of Bush from “getting terrorists” to “Mission Accomplished” has confused, not clarified the nature of what America seeks to accomplish in the world.

There are terrorist groups in any cluster of humans whether they be Muslim, Jewish, Protestant, Catholic or atheist. President Obama is correct in identifying specific groups as enemies and ending a fight against abstractions.

There Is No Such Thing As War On Terror

The greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people by George Bush was not searching for WMD but waging a war on terror. The word “terror” is ambiguous since one person’s terror is another person’s delight. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband strongly denounced the Bush program of a war on terror which has led to the debasement of the rule of law. “The idea of a war on terror gave the impression of a unified enemy, embodied in the figure of Osama bin Laden and al-Qeda.” As Miliband pointed out, “the reality is that the motivation and identities of terrorist groups are disparate.” Bush attempted to give the impression these terror groups were somehow united and under a central direction.

A nation can not wage “war” against an idea-terror-it can only wage war against an entity comprising some form of organization and coherence. The notion of a “war on terror” is a mistaken one which has confused the issue of how to organize efforts to win people over to the cause of democracy. Why do people anywhere in the world support terrorists? This question should be among the key ones posed by those who wish to lessen the impact of terrorists in the world. Bush always believed armed force would defeat “terrorism” and that will probably be his enduring mistake in history.

Do US Air Attacks Increase Terrorism?

The administration of George Bush from day one of its existence has probably done more to increase terrorism in the world than any government body on this planet. Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistan’s high commissioner in the United Kingdom, warned that continued American air strikes into Pakistan are having the exact opposite result from their intention. “American trigger-happy actions will radicalize young Muslims,” he said, and most probably encourage the growth of radical groups which inevitably will result in terror attacks in the UK. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani, vowed to defend their sovereignty against American incursions into their country. both leaders have agreed that their nation’s territorial integrity must be protected.

Sources close to the Pakistan Daily Times said “the top leaders had been uneasy with the reported US plan to go after targets in the tribal Areas despite Pakistan’s protests. They said Gilani asked Zardari to press the UK to influence the US to stop the attacks.” Zardari will convey to Prime Minister Brown his nation’s anger at what the Bush administration is doing in his nation.

Perhaps, it is time for Senator Barack Obama to inform the American people that Bush’s war on terror is creating terrorism, not fighting it.