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Welcome To “Overseas Contingency Operations”

Forget about any “war on terrorism.” The infamous Bush term which made absolutely no sense since one fights groups and individuals rather than abstractions has come to an end. The George Brush promise to fight terrorism “until every terrorist group of global search has been found, stopped and defeated” will never be since President Obama has decided this lofty goal could never be achieved, at least on planet Earth, and it must be supplanted with an expression that is closer to the target — “overseas contingency operations.” Obama dispatched an email informing everyone the “war on terror” has come to an end, let’s all get behind the “overseas contingency operation” which is must clearer and doable.

There is just one minor problem confronting President Obama. Does anyone who reads or writes in the English language have the faintest idea what is meant by “overseas contingency operation?” Anyway, if you happen to run across any one who is into “overseas contingency operations” grab hold of that person and send him directly to the White House.

BBC Poll–War Against Al-Qaeda Is Failing

BBC World Service took a poll around the world of how people feel about the success or failure of the war on terrorism. The majority made clear they regard the Bush initiated war on terrorism has failed to obtain its goal of crushing al-Qaeda. Thirty percent of those polled said Bush’s campaign had only resulted in strengthening al-Qaeda, 29% said it had no effect, and 22 percent said it had weakened terrorist organizations. Despite the overwhelming power of America’s military forces most people find scant evidence the effort has achieved any of its aims to crush al-Qaeda. Osama bin Laden was never captured, his forces reside in safety in border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The survey of 23,937 people was conducted by BBC’s World service between July 8 and September 12 by GlobeScan Ins. and the University of Maryland’s program on International Policy Attitudes. In the United States 56 percent said neither the United States nor al-Qaeda was winning.

The heady days of the fall of 2001 when American troops ripped through Afghanistan and the George Bush boasts of May, 2003 have been replaced by a sadness, a fatigue and misgivings concerning the war on terrorism.

US Ready To Fight In Pakistan Says Gates!

The situation in Iraq remains volatile, the war in Afghanistan is hampered by lack of clear vision and disagreement between the United States and its NATO allies, but Secetary of Defense Robert Gates is ready to dispatch US forces to Pakistan to assist in the war against militants. “We remain ready, willing and able to assist the Pakistanis and partner with them to provide additional training, to conduct joint operations, sould they desire to do so.” He emphasized America would not take any unilateral action but would only send troops if requeted by the government of Pakistan.

At points, observers remain confused as to whether there is anyone in the Bush administration who has a focused view on world affairs. There has been no “victory” in Iraq, and prospects for stability are still uncertain. Afghanistan over the past years has seen the spead of Taliban influence, not its dimunition. Where does Secretary of Defense Gates intend to find the troops who will be sent to Pakistan?

During his campaign swing in New Hampshire, Senator McCain casually mentioned America might be tied down in Iraq for abou 100 years. Adolf Hitler boasted about a Nazi Germany that would last a 1000 years. At least the Republican party is going to spare America the prospect of such an extended war, they offer only a 100 year war in the Middle East and Asia. Of course, none of the children of these men interested in war will ever see the front lines of combat. Pakistan’s army has to handle this situation, the last thing they need are Americans fighting in the northwest regions of their nation. The appearance of US forces would be the best recruiting message the Taliban could have in order to obtain new recruits.