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Can Trauma Make You A Better Person?

There are reports from soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan that a near death experience has led them to become better human beings and more sensitive to the needs of others. A service man told a reporter from the Army Times: “Ever since my truck was hit by that IED, I’m getting along better with people and my views about things have changed. I actually seem happier. I thought things like this were supposed to mess you up.” The reporter argues this response is occurring among many who are exposed to near-death experiences. I believe this soldier’s response might help other people. For example:

Rush Limbaugh gags on a piece of baloney he is eating and decides to cease speaking baloney on his show.
Glenn Beck is praying in church where he tells God it is time to end this hogwash about helping poor people when he is struck with a bolt of lightening. This convinces Beck to beckon toward working with Acorn.
Baråck Obama goes in for a hard lay up and crashes into the basket pole. This convinces him it is time to send Tim Geithner and Larry Summers to another league where they can figure out plans to aid the wealthy.
John McCain gets in an airplane that has a rough landing. This leads John to land a verbal assault on idiot Sarah Palin who he actually thought had a brain in her head.
Lou Dobbs is walking by stepping on cracks on the sidewalk in order to maintain his independent stance in life when he trips and nearly cracks his head open. He decides from now on he will walk on the left side of the street in all aspects of his life.
Tea Party leader is lifting a box filled with tea bags when it falls on his head. He decides from now on he will use tea bags to drink tea.
Tiger Woods gets his penis stuck in a vagina and decides from now on he will become a gay person who avoids women.