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The New Mexican War

The war between the United States and Mexico occurred one hundred fifty years ago, but Mexico is once again involved in a war for its very survival–with itself! The Mexican government has ordered over 5,000 troops and police to confront the drug cartel in Michoacan and drive them out of business. In recent days, the la Familia cartel unleashed a war against the police that resulted in the death of 12 off-duty officers. The cartel has also been blasting police stations and throwing grenades in order to demonstrate their fire power.

At some point, Mexico has to realize their nation is engaged in a civil war which requires creating an army that effectively can handle drug thugs. The other aspect of this war is removing its cause by legalizing drugs in order to deprive drug cartels of their source of income.

Pakistan Army On March Against Taliban

The Pakistan army is finally aware of the importance of dealing with military force towards the Taliban instead of rewarding their brutality with kind words. Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has been allowed to rule South Waziristan with impunity and enforce sharia law on its inhabitants, but he shortly will have to deal with an angry Pakistan army which is determined to end his power in the area. General Athar Abbas made clear, “the government has taken a principled decision to launch a military operation against Baitullah and his network. The Peachar Valley has already been cleared of militants and the Pakistan government is slowly placing its officials back in power in areas where the Taliban was allowed to reign supreme.

Ironically, the Pakistan armed forces which created the Taliban in the 1990s is now preparing to engage in war against its former proteges. Creating forces of hate and violence in order to gain power invariably results in the creation of a Frankenstein monster.

We Ain’t Beat Say Tamil Tigers!

Your army has been destroyed, your top leaders have been killed, thousands of your supporters were allowed to be killed or wounded due to your fanatical belief that victory could be achieved, but, you still insist the war must go on and the killing must go on. Either Tamil Tiger supporters and remaining leaders enjoy living in fantasy or they have an abiding death wish. The rebel’s international relations chief, Selvarasa Pathmanathan told the world his group would continue fighting for a separate Tamil state. “The struggle of people of Tamil Eelam(the separate state desired by Tamil Tigers) has reached a new state. It is time for us to move forward with our political vision towards our freedom.” He is establishing a new government in exile for the Tamil Tigers.

Over a hundred fifty years ago, the Confederate States of America were defeated. Responsible leaders ended the vision of a separate state and engaged in politics which eventually resulted in obtaining many goals the South wanted. It is time for Tamil separatists to accept defeat, enter the political arena, and use their strength and intelligence to secure greater power for the Tamil people.

The Horror Continues In The Congo

The world’s largest UN peacekeeping effort risks failing as more nations decide to withdraw their UN contingent that is stationed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Alan Doss, a top UN official in the Congo, said India is considering having its soldiers return home which would mean about one-fourth of UN forces would no longer be in the country. Six months ago, the UN asked other nations to send troops but there has not been a single offer of assistance. The reality is the present UN force is unable to do anything to halt the murder of people or the rape of women in the country. As the Congo’s economy collapses, partly due to war and partly due to a world wide drop in commodity prices, people are starving even as they try to survive against government and rebel forces that regard the riches of the Congo as rightfully their possession.

A major source of problems in the Congo is the behavior of its neighbors in Rwanda and Uganda from whence rebel forces migrate in search of the spoils available due to the ineffective government in the Congo. Of course, Congolese troops are also engaged in stealing, murder and rape. Cry the beloved people of the Congo, no one cares about your survival. Perhaps, if a large oil source were uncovered, American troops would head for the area and initiate a surge of force to defeat the rebels.

Somalia Tragedy Never Ends

Two years ago, President George Bush persuaded Ethiopia to invade Somalia and overthrow an Islamic government on grounds they were militants who opposed American interests in the region. Ethiopian troops have just about left and in their wake they have left still one more chapter in discord and violence which prevents the people of Somalia to even have a single recollection of a time of peace in their war torn land. Fighters of a moderate Islamic group are fighting with the more hardline Shaabab group and as they kill one another the end result is destruction of towns and death of innocent civilians.

Latest reports are that hardliners are drawing support from some tribal groups which is escalating the fighting. A spokesperson for the moderate Ahu Sunna Waljamaca group says they are killing the radicals who control parts of central and the south while government forces remain strong around the capital of Mogadishu.

Will the legacies of George Bush never cease to destroy chances for peace in the Middle East and Africa?

Tragedy Of Darfur Continues

Every so often the media will decide to devote a few paragraphs or a few photos to the tragedy which unfurls in Darfur almost daily. Over 300,000 are dead, but their deaths have never generated the notice or protests which accompanied recent deaths in Gaza when 1,300 died. The indifference to Darfur can be interpreted as a reflection that Europeans or Americans simply are not that interested in the plight of Africans. In the latest example of Sudan aggressiveness, Sudanese troops took control of still another town and forced even more refugees to flee. The rebel Justice And Equality Movement, (JEM) fled the town, but they undoubtedly will continue fighting in more rural areas.

At least 30 civilians are dead, and more forced to join the 30,000 who have been displaced since January fighting and eventually these people will join the million refugees who now live in camps under UN supervision. UN forces may be in the vicinity of fighting but they tend to maintain a low profile and allow the killing and displacement process to continue.

Israel-Syria Cooperation Key To Middle East Peace

Former Turkish Foreign Minister Hikmet Cetin told the Israel newspaper, Haaretz, that peace between Syria and Israel could open the door for resolution of many problems in the Middle East. Even as he spoke, angry mobs in Syria were gathering around the American embassy in Damascus to protest recent military action carried out by US forces inside the territory of their land. President Bush has a way of lousing up efforts for peace by not understanding when there is need for quiet diplomacy to be allowed an opportunity to function instead of always resorting to bombings. Cetin believes a new American president will be the best hope to further efforts by Israel and Syria to achieve peace.

At present, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, has been working to bring together Syrian and Israel officials in order to broker peace between the nations. Cetin hopes this effort can move forward, and it will need the assistance of a new American president who works for peace rather than for war.

Philippine Muslim War Heats Up

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MILF) has gone back to using military force after peace negotiations with the government broke down. Philippine military aircraft blasted MILF boats carrying at least 100 insurgents causing large number of casualties. The major issue confronting the Philippine nation is the desire of their Muslim minority which mainly lives in southern regions of the nation for control over those areas in which they are a majority. A problem is the presence of Christians in the same areas and they have no desire to live under control of a Muslim government which undoubtedly would impose Sharia law. Peace negotiations ceased when opposition leaders in the legislature condemned the government for even considering a sharing of power arrangement. The result is once again the nation is facing a cruel and sadistic guerrilla war which will go on for years.

There are promises and offers of bounties for the death of Moro leaders but they most probably are being offered to show a position of strength. They are akin to Bush boasts of rewards for the death of Osama bin Laden. The war goes on, death continues, and sometime in the coming year there again will be negotiations.

Government Forces In Philippines Attack Islamic Militants

It is now thirty years since Islamic groups in the southern Philippines launched a rebellion against the government. During these past thee decades there have been truces, promises and one agreement after another that was broken by either side. A cease fire once again has broken down and government forces are fighting elements of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MILF). At least 55 government or rebel troops died in the latest fighting. Eid Kabalu, a rebel leader, claims “Government soldiers are torching houses owned by Muslims” while government spokesmen insist the Muslims violated the truce by entering a Christian village and killing people. The Philippine army says it killed more than 100 Muslim fighters over the past week of fighting.

Fighting apparently broke out when Muslim soldiers violated the agreement and attacked dozens of Christian villages. The Muslims want their own nation which, most probably, will not be granted by any Philippine government. Undoubtedly, some sort of local autonomy is the best road to peace. A basic issue is which areas actually fall into the category of being “Muslim” or “Christian.”

War Breaks Out In South Ossetia As Russians Enter Area

The president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvill said his nation was in effect now engaged in a war with Russia after troops from that nation crossed over into Georgia. Russian jets carried out bombing raids in South Ossetia and in Georgia supposedly hitting Georgian troops. There are reports two Russian jets were shot down. Georgian sources say 30 people were killed by the Russian bombardment while a minister in the separatist administration of South Ossetia says their capital has virtually been destroyed and more than 1400 people died as result of Georgian attacks. Mr. Saakashvill claimed his nation had gained control of the entire area which broke away and is now confronting Russian forces.

President Medvedev has promised to defend Russian “compatriots” and told the world “we will not allow their deaths to go unpunished.” Of course, the people of South Ossetia are not Russian, but some observers believe the strong Russian reaction stemmed from anger against the desire of Georgia to join NATO. Medvedev is taking the approach that Georgia launched an attack and Russia is merely going to the defense of the South Ossetians.

There is no doubt Russian tanks are in the country and they are attacking the Georgian army. The Georgian attack came after Mr. Saakashvill had declared a unilateral cease fire, but when South Ossetia refused to also agree to end fighting, the president sent in Georgian troops.

Ironically, Russia has been the main opponent of Kosovo because it allegedly opposes separatist movements to create independent nations. But, for some strange reason, it is now supporting a separatist movement to create an independent nation.