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Watson Out To Halt Japanese Whale Ships!

With a determined crew of 40, Paul Watson sailed from the port of Melbourne heading toward the Antarctic in search of Japanese whaling ships. His Sea Shepherd and Conservation Society has been patrolling the seas for years in search of any ships that are out to kill whales. Last year he announced that his mother ship, the Nisshin Manu, was prepared to ram any whaling ship that tried to kill whales. This year, Watson insists his campaign, dubbed Operation Migaloo, in honor of a rare albino humpback is “not going to hurt anybody and we are not going to endanger anybody’s loves at sea.” However, his ship is loaded with smoke bombs and liters of rancid butter and pie fillings which will be sent on the decks of offending Japanese ships that seek to kill the humpbacks. Watson defended his group by saying they are not eco-terrorists. He charged the Japanese whaling ships as the source of any terrorism by their determination to kill the endangered humpback whales.

Last year when Watson caught up with Japanese whaling ships he asked Australian and New Zealand authorities to take action, but they prefer diplomacy to sending rancid butter onto the decks of whaling ships. However, the newly elected government of Kevin Rudd in Australia has pledged to adopt a more aggressive position in defending the rights of humpback whales. Japanese mateys, watch your step.