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Debunking US Right Wing Myth About Sweden

Right wing talk show hosts continually cite Sweden as an example of too much government welfare programs which sap the work ethic of its people. The myth argues if governments provide healthcare and welfare payments to those in need, people will flock to such handouts because they are inherently lazy. Latest figures from Sweden reveal last year there were 392,000 people who collected welfare benefits, which is a reuction of 45% commpared with figures from the early 1990s. The latest figures indicate as overall numbers decline, there are still people who, due to a variety of reasons, can not escape the need for welfare support. Eva Franzen, of the Socialistyreisen, noted: “We see two parallel trends. One trend says that fewer need help and the other says that those remaning on welfare are collecting payments for longer periods of time.

There also appears to be a slight jump in the number of Swedish youth who are not getting into the labor market, but most of them are not collecting welfare. They apparently linger on the edges of the labor market. This might well be a modern phenomenon.

Sorry, Rush, there is no evidence to support your continual assertions that welfare weakons the moral fiber of people and encourages people to seek welfare.