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Shoe Throwing Epidemic Hits Chinese Leader

Those who seek to protest against tyrants have discovered a new weapon that will pass through most metal detectors –shoes. Chinese Premier Wen Siabao was giving a presentation at Cambridge to a fairly attentive audience when suddenly a man stood up, took off his shoe, and threw it in the direction of the Chinese leader. The man’s arm apparently was not of major league caliber and the show flew off to the side. He shouted out “How can the university prostitute itself with this dictator?” and was then grabbed by security guards and hauled away. Wen took a deep breath and continued his speech by saying, “We came in peace. This is not going to obstruct China-UK friendship.”

At least shoe throwing does not result in deaths or the killing of innocent civilians so no one should be overly upset at this incident. Of course, only about 100 or so protestors were outside complaining about the Chinese premier whose government has killed hundreds. The other protestors no doubt were before the Israel embassy protesting Israeli killing. After all, there are no protestors complaining about the death of five million in the Congo.

Up the shoes!