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Cocaine Production Zooms As Prohibition Fails

Cocaine production is reaching new heights even as the American led drive to prohibit use of drugs grows more intense. It is estimated more than 750 tons of cocaine are being shipped from the Andes which has led to gang wars, peasants driven from their land and corruption taking over entire countries. Last year at least 6,000 were killed in drug related violence and after two months this year about 1,000 are dead. A new route appears to be developing between South America and West Africa which is known by its latitude, Interstate 10. Cesar Gavira, co-chair of the Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy, says bluntly, “We consider the war on drugs a failure because the objectives have never been achieved.”

Perhaps, someone can provide any evidence that prohibiting use of drugs has achieved its purpose to making it impossible for anyone to purchase drugs. The prohibition of drugs has created criminal cartels, raised government corruption to new heights, and has not prevented anyone desiring drugs to get some. The story of the 1920s proved the Prohibition does not work, but people in 2009, still believe it can. Dream on.