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Clinton Sweeps West Virginia And White Voters

Senator Hllary Clinton won a decisive victory in the West Virginia primary by gaining over 60% of the votes including nearly 75% of white voters. Her triumph will be touted by supporters as an indication Obama is unable to attract support from large sectors of the white American working class population. A large percent of those voting for Clinton told pollsters they would not vote for Obama if he is the candidate of the Democratic Party.

The “white flight” that Clinton uses to justify continuing her campaign is something she has helped create by the relentless manner in which she has constantly attacked Obama and insisted in virtually every speech that only she is capable of reaching the white working class of America. Of course, there is no way to determine if this group would be so hostile to Obama without the past five months of being hammered by Clinton that Obama is their enemy. She has resorted to both subtle and blatant racist comments which proclaim her the only one who is concerned with white working class concerns.

The Clintons have always been consumed by a desire to be in the limelight of power and have been willing to risk destroying the Democratic party if that organization must be sacrificed for their own political end goals. There is a sadness in witnessing the senator from New York wander the land talking like a George Wallace and attempting to portray herself as coming from the working class. Both Clintons would sell their souls for the office of the presidency. What price salvation is the real question?