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“Thank God For Dead Soldiers” -Is It Legal?

Tea Party crazies are not the only ones wandering around America shouting and screaming obscenities toward those who are hated. A group of religious fanatics picket funerals for those who died in combat holding signs that read, “Thank God For Dead Soldiers.” The father of a fallen soldier is bringing a law suit before the Supreme Court arguing the Westboro Baptist Church and its looney supporters have no right to disturb his son’s funeral with their outrageous signs expressing such views as: “Thank God For IEDs” or “Priests Rape Boys.” A federal court threw out a lower court verdict which held such demonstrations to be an intrusion into the right of privacy.

Free speech means we must listen to absurdity on grounds today’s madness might be tomorrow’s approval of what is right. In this case it is difficult to believe tomorrow will support the ideas of these nuts, but free speech guarantees the right of expression to ther deranged.