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Can China Assist Middle Eastern Peace?

A major problem in dealing with issues in the Middle East is the perception among people in that region is the alleged prejudice of the United States in favor of Israel and refusal to accord equal treatment to other nations. President Shimon Peres of Israel met with President Hu Jintao while in Beijing for the Olympics and urged his assistance in resolving Middle Eastern issues and problems. Jintao responded to the request by noting “we are interested in increasing our contribution to peace and stability in the Middle East.” Obviously, the Chinese leader was engaging in pleasant rhetoric, but there is always the possibility more actively engaging China in problems with Iran can have constructive outcomes due to China’s close economic ties with the Iranian nation.

Perhaps, it is time to acknowledge the US no longer can play a constructive role in fostering Middle Eastern peace due to its close ties with Israel. Turkey already is working with Syrian and Israel diplomats to hammer out a peace agreement. China should be invited to work with European and American diplomats on the issue of Iranian nuclear development. Iran remains obstinate when being told what to do by western powers. New voices might help to bridge gaps. They can not hurt the present failure to resolve Iran’s nuclear development.

Iranian Leader Defies Western Powers

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, responded to UN and western offers regarding his nation’s atomic energy program, by telling a rally “the enemies of the Islamic system imagine that by hatching an economic plot and threatening with sanctions they can undermine the perseverance of Iranians. But the great nation of Iran will once again foil this plot just like it has overome economics anctions over the last thirty years.” He was undoubtedly responding to an offer from permanent nations on the Security Council(pluse Germany) to initiate discussions concerning ways in which Iran could peacefully pursue atomic energy development.

The current approach of making offers through the media may not be the best approach in dealing with Iran. Why not get Turkey, which has excellent relations with Iran, or China to head a two nation effort to reach out to the Iranian government? It may well be difficult for Iranians to believe any offer that includes America as long as America issues bombastic threats against Iran. Quiet diplomacy stands a better chance for success.